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1000 E-Scooters Set to be Launched in Rome By Helbiz

1000 e-scooters set to be launched in Rome By Helbiz

After months of lockdown, Italy opens its doors to the world again, 1000 Electric scooters are deployed on the streets of Rome to add to the existing fleet of 2500 e-bikes. The decision comes from the current need for micro-mobility around the cities to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Helbiz being the global leader in micro-mobility and related technologies, have announced the launch in Rome recently. It will be the very first fleet of electric scooters being deployed in Italy. It is a step in the direction of increasing mobility while the nation deals with a global pandemic. In a press conference hosted by the Mayor of Rome, it was also highlighted how the focus would be towards expanding partnership with micro-mobility companies to help promote social distancing.

While Telepass and Helbiz were present at this conference, Helbiz has announced to take a step forward as soon as possible with this decision. The company already has a significant number of its e-bikes running around Rome, and more will be added to offer a sustainable transportation mode.

In an interview, the mayor of Rome has said that Rome is being restarted under the terms of following sustainable mobility. The innovative solution of electric scooters has been welcomed to give tourists and citizens an easier way to move around the city. A new model of sharing is also being put on the plater while encouraging investors to put their money into this internationally growing sector.

As the world adjusts to a new normal, a lot of changes will be made given how our habits have also changed. The administration will promote only initiatives that promote zero environmental impact.

Electric scooters being added to the options for mobility has been appreciated well as they can also be circulated on the cycle paths. It becomes an excellent transportation solution, especially for shorter distances. The 150 km of cycle paths that have planned for Rome temporarily will be able to accommodate this forthcoming solution easily.

Alternative modes of transportation will be the need of the hour as the world can’t go back to the usual modes, given the unprecedented situation. Romans will welcome green, economical, and convenient solutions like the electric scooters, says the CEO of Helbiz.

Helbiz is committed to developing new technologies that help expand micro-mobility while agreeing with the municipality. Telepass is the strategic partner and responsible for the integration of these services.

As the two companies will launch the new scooters on the streets of Rome, users will have to pay only one Euro for the initial unlocking and 0.15 Euros per minute of riding the scooter. An unlimited subscription program is also available for users with unlimited daily rides for less than a Euro. For 29.99 Euros a month, the company is giving unlimited rides of 30 minutes each. There is a bonus also of getting the first thirty-minute ride free if access is done through Telepass pay.

The entire motive around the addition of 1000 electric scooters is to increase the use of e-bikes by 300% and the trip time by 60%. With citizens moving around on e-bikes, the environmental impact would be great.

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