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130 Twitter accounts targeted under the BitCoin scam

130 Twitter accounts targeted by hackers

On 15th July, the surprising tweets from official accounts like of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Apple and more were seen tweeting about giving back to the world by doubling up the bitcoins sent to the address mentioned in the tweet, were a huge bitcoin scam by hackers.

The large-scale hack by bitcoin scammers took down many official and verified accounts of business officials, companies like Apple, Kanye West from the entertainment biz and even politicians including Joe Biden. Twitter later termed this as a social engineering attack on its employees, and the social media platform now is working towards investigating who might have been behind such a large-scale scam.

Details on how hackers were able to post a bitcoin scam on high profile accounts are slowly coming into the light. Based on the investigation that has been done till now, Twitter says that the hackers targeted 130 accounts and on only a few of these, they were able to post the link to the bitcoin scam.

A list of the accounts that were compromised was requested from Twitter, but that was declined. The main question that remains is whether the hackers were able to access the DMs of the accounts they were able to tweet from. Only a few names out of the 130 are known, while others remain unknown to the public.

It has also been reported that whoever is behind the Twitter attack had access to the accounts way before the tweets came in. The time before the hackers posted the spam messages seem to have been spent on gaining full control of the accounts, which puts the social media platform in the spotlight for their security measures.

Twitter still seems to be investigating the attack and hasn’t addressed any theories that have come up regarding the hack. FBI is also involved in the investigation of the hack, and no more updates have come from both, except that they are working with users of the accounts that have been hacked. All of them have been requested to change their passwords and exporting data from the account has also been disabled for now.

The fact that official accounts that today have numerous followers have seen the bad end of the scam has raised many questions for the social media platform. Getting access to anyone’s account seems too easy now, and it is questionable whether the company is doing enough to protect users’ data.

It is although not the first time that bitcoin scams have come up through accounts on Twitter, but it has never been witnessed on a large scale like this. This has led to users questioning the company’s efforts. Even for the first two hours of the attack, Twitter had no control over the attack, which has led to making the situation even more grave.

Slowly as the social media platform gained a little control on the issue, tweets were deleted, and even official accounts began tweeting that the bitcoin link was not sent by the official user and is a part of the problem that Twitter is currently facing.

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