140-Drone Light Show Pays Tribute to Healthcare Workers

There are myriad ways to pay homage to the ones we owe, and yet creativity has an utterly unconquerable place. Speaking strictly of creativity, it comes in various forms. One of the most beautiful among them is the perfect sync of lights that were seen in Penn by the drone company Verge Aero.

Drones do this, and drones do that. There is no doubt that the tales of the extremely resourceful drones seem to flow as eulogies. But, what got us pleasantly surprised was the pretty way in which it was used for the sole sake of paying homage to the real fighters in this war against a zoonotic virus. 

There are no two thoughts on the simple fact that we owe our health care professionals big time. And it is important to display our love and affection to those who put their lives at risk to save ours. In what shall also be called as a public display of affection, the skies of Penn were lit by a hundred and forty drones in blue. It took just two expert technicians for the drone company to carry this marvel out.

The beautiful display is put up in front of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and nearby The Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. The visual treat was organized and carried out by the drone light show company Verge Aero. It is in alignment with the popular trends forming a part of the #LightItBlue and local #PhillyShinesBlue campaigns.

The lights traced in the sky what the whole world says to them: THANK U HEROES. The lights were a mix of blue and white and were every inch a spectacle to behold. The heroes comprise of our medical staff and essential workers who fight this without arms on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been thanked in a cute gesture. 

Similar light shows are being put up at other places as well. For instance, just recently, on the occasion of World Health Day on April 22, 2020, such a lighting show was organized in Philadelphia to honor the medical staff and essential workers. The pretty display campaign was rightly named as #PhillyShinesBright.

The #LightItBlue is a campaign that aptly builds momentum on displaying the buildings with LED lights or video screen mechanism. It is a technology that is easily controllable even at a distance, which is why it can be remotely programmed. The companies working in this direction have developed an efficient system design.

Such a lighting arrangement, though occurring for a small period, involves a good deal of programming in advance. There is a crucial induction of advanced pre-programming and control capacities so that physical distancing norms could be followed. The companies take extra precautions so that the intended viewers can enjoy it in a safe environment without the possibility of a crowd.

The drone company, Verge Aero, also stated, “This was an opportunity for us to donate our resources and expertise to stand in solidarity with these brave heroes, and convey the thanks of the American people.”

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