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Two Teenagers in connection with Metro Area Burglaries using Garage Door Openers

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On Thursday, two 18-year old were found to be guilty to have a connection with a home break-in that is also being suspected to have a certain tie-in with the continuous burglary in the metro cities. David M. Allyn and Brendan A. Durant of Coon Rapids and Maple Grove, respectively, were charged with burglary and various other wrongdoings after which they fled away from the police and were even found with the stolen property from the houses. They were taken to the court on Thursday and are in jail for now.

The two teens are being suspected of being linked with a certain burglary group that has already caused a lot of chaos in many societies. It is being said that the group is divided into further smaller groups who enter into the homes through garage doors. The groups use teenagers for the smaller groups as they won’t be suspected and are certainly more active than the adults, which minimizes the chances of getting caught.

As per the latest news report, David and Brenden were caught on a Monday morning on the warrant of being linked with the break-in in Ostego. The Wright County Sheriff’s Office stated that they have received about 20 calls stating about stolen cars, thefts from the garage and vehicles and many more which, they believe, have been done by these two teenagers along with some other people from the group.

The police near Big Lake has also said that the local areas in here have been targeted by serious burglaries which can be clearly seen from the continuous break-ins and theft. The group of burglars has also attacked the cities of Monticello, Buffalo, and Plymouth.

According to the report made on the Ostego burglary, “A resident of a home in the 17600 Block of 54th street NE. told the deputies that she confronts the suspects, who ordered her to mind her own business before they fled. The homeowners said that there was 300 USD in cash and 6000 USD cashier’s check missing.”

The suspects were seen at a nearby intersection with stolen bicycles, by a deputy. They were later caught with the help of the police dogs. The teenagers are also being said to have stolen certain items from four vehicles in the locality and have even stolen a TV and many golf clubs, though it is not yet confirmed. Before Allyn and Durant were caught, a 16-year old was caught in Minneapolis for trying to steal a minivan out of Howard Lake in Wright County. The boy is also being said to be related to the burglar’s group. However, the investigation is still going on.

The metro area police departments are urging the residents to lock their windows and doors properly and have a proper security system which includes a burglar alarm system and other precautions. The people are also advised to report if they see any suspicious activities going on nearby or any suspicious figure roaming in the society immediately. For now, the two teens are in jail and it is being said that soon the whole group would be caught if the investigation goes right.

As they are using the Garage Door Openers that are left in unlocked vehicles, it’s better not to leave them in your car and make sure to lock your car. Also, cross-check whether the Garage Doors are closed perfectly or not.

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