3-year-old boy filmed hanging from 13th floor Air Conditioner

3-year-old boy hanging from 13th floor ac image

A woman bearing two children, a 14-year-old daughter, and a 3-year-old son is facing criticism after the younger one was filmed hanging off the 13th-floor air conditioner of an apartment building. The toddler climbed out of the window to reach near an air conditioner unit and climbed the unit too while her mother was busy making dinner.

Jennifer Mares, who called the police as well as captured the video of the boy hanging out near air conditioner unit in diapers, said she was at a nearby park with her son when she heard people yelling and found out about the incident upon reaching. She ran into the building to the apartment herself when she thought that the help would not arrive on time. she counted the number of floors and raced up.  “I was losing my mind. All I was thinking was about this baby falling and not making it.” Mares said. 

The name of the child’s mother, who immigrated to New York from Mali and was criticized for the incident is not disclosed. She said that her son has autism and also visual impairment. Apparently, the child pushed the side of the window panels of the air conditioner and crawled out of the opening to reach outside of the unit. They also said that they have got bars installed the very next day of the incident to prevent any such future mishaps. She also said that she is thankful that her son is safe but has faced much criticism after the incident like “They were calling me names,” she said. ” ‘You stupid, dumb, African lade. You know nothing. Do you think this is Africa? This is not Africa. This is America. You will go to jail.” To which she added, “God saved my boy and he will save me from these people.”

Witness kept gasping, urging, screaming and yelling and making silent prayers during the time when no one has to the boy’s rescue. “All I was thinking was about this baby falling and not making it,” one witness said. “Go inside! Oh my God!” another witness yelled from below the building.

According to the news, the boy was saved by his 14 years old elder sister who grabbed him and pulled him in. He was then taken to a local hospital to get checked. “Our top priority is protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children in New York City,” a spokesperson for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services tells PEOPLE in a statement. “As soon as this family came to our attention, we launched an immediate investigation.”

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