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57% Indians feel censorship is required for Netflix, Hotstar and all such OTT platforms – Survey

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With more number of people depending on online streaming platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Voot for their entertainment, these channels have started broadcasting all kinds of content on their videos. There are many streamers out there on these channels that contain violent activity, nude scenes, or even incorrect behavior, as depicted in the videos. As a result, many people feel that censorship is a must for viewing the content on these channels.

According to a survey conducted recently by YouGov, about 57% of Indians feel that censorship is essential for viewing content on these channels. These people feel that, once censorship rights are obtained, better content will be available for public viewing. Mostly, people from the older age group are in for censorship on online streaming channels.

However, about 27% of people feel that censored videos are not essential for online channels, while 16% of people are unsure. There may be youngsters who feel these videos need not be censored. From the above, we can deduce that GenX people would vote for censorship, while GenZ people don’t think it is essential for these videos to be censored.

Most people believe that with videos being censored on online platforms, viewers will have better content on these channels. The quality of online streaming videos will also improve essentially. However, some feel that with censorship rights coming in for these online videos, there will be an increase in piracy and other illegal activities such as downloading videos by incorrect means. This is because people of all age groups will not get to watch censored videos.

When people were questioned about how the viewership would be impacted, there were mixed opinions regarding the same. About 30% of the surveyed public feel that there will be a lot of increase in viewership as censored videos will give rise to better content and quality. Another 30% feel that with videos being censored, there may not be much change in viewership numbers.

These results are based out of a survey conducted by YouGov for about 1000 adults. The Indian Government has been considering to regulate the content being shown on OTT platforms for quite some time now. The Supreme Court has already given orders to the Centre for reviewing and regulating the content on platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime. This was done earlier in the year when people felt that a lot of disturbing online content was being exposed to people of all age groups.

Most of the Indian viewers feel that portraying regulated content on online platforms is better and will improve the quality of online videos.

On average, at least 9 out of 10 people in India feel that the videos being streamed on online platforms or those shown on TV or films need to be censored and regulated by the Government at least at some point of time. And going as per numbers, more men as compared to women prefer these videos to be censored and regulated.

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