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5G is on its way to Mid-tier Smartphones with the launch of MediaTek ‘Dimensity 720’

MediaTek to launch new 5G supporting chipset for mid-tier phones

4G technology seems to have taken a backbench as 5G is slowly being accepted as something that would be the future. More and more smartphone makers and related companies have started indulging in the creation of technology that could support it.

Following in the same lines, MediaTek has announced a new chipset under the name of Dimensity 720, which is its latest 5G SoC, which in the future will allow mid-range smartphones to be able to support the upcoming 5G technology.

Premium experiences that would come with 5G would be possible with the new chipset launched by MediaTek in a series where the Dimensity 1000 will be for only flagship phones while the 800 and 700 chipsets would be for mid-tier smartphones.

The key idea behind the launch of Dimensity 720 is to make 5G services more accessible to the consumers when we reach that point. Dr. Yenchi Lee, Deputy General Manager, Wireless Communications Business Unit, MediaTek has shed some light on the features with his statement,

“This chip is highly power-efficient, has impressive performance and advanced display and imaging technologies. All of that combined will help brands usher in differentiated 5G devices for consumers around the globe.”


The newly launched Dimensity 720 has some power-packed features like the power-efficient 5G modem in its class. It will also be sporting the UltraSave technology patented by MediaTek and is responsible for managing the modem’s operating mode in real-time, leading to the extension of the battery life of the phone.

Overall better user experience can be expected out of the use of 5G chipsets like Dimensity 720, as it will also work with the integration of imaging features, connectivity, and more in phones. Smooth gaming and streaming have been listed as one of its key benefits because of the 90Hz high frame rate display that would be possible with it.

A wide variety of video features will also be supported by MediaTek’s Dimensity 720, including enhanced video streaming capabilities, dynamic range remapping, and video playback. Even flexible camera configurations would become a possibility wherein support for up-to 64MP, or 20+16 MP dual cameras can become a reality.

Users can expect a vast range of features to be added in smartphones with the Dimensity 720 chipset. Core performance would surely improve, which would give even basic smartphones the power to be able to run at least AI applications without consuming exuberant amounts of battery power.

More fluid user experience will be in order with the new chipset as it supports two Arm Cortex-A76 big cores operating at 2GHz in the octa-core CPU, which would improve the responsiveness of the applications installed.

In addition to everything, a better connection would be a benefit that users would enjoy as the chipset would be able to support the latest connectivity technologies. Phones with the chipset would be able to incorporate both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) sub-6GHz networks.

For now, Asia, North America, and Europe are the regions for which Dimensity 720 has been designed, but consumers can expect more in the future.

Image Source: SlashGear

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