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A Ceiling Fan that can Disinfectant the Room with UV Light

A ceiling fan that can disinfectant the room with UV light

In the current scenario disinfecting is the main thing that can help us to remain healthy. What if that disinfection can be done by just turning on the ceiling fan for 10minutes. The Lexington company from Kentucky came up with such an idea manufacturing smart ceiling fans, which produce UV lights. In just 10minutes, air from this ceiling fan can kill so many airborne pathogens and keep the air purified and healthy.

The company Lexington is popular for its eponymous industrial ceiling fans. Back in 2011, the company tied up with an architecture firm to equip a hospital with ceiling fans so the fans can improvise the efficiency of the wall-mounted UV sanitizers and spread the UV lights throughout the room by killing all the pathogens in the air. The new uv light ceiling fan is also working in the same way by pulling up the air to the UV disinfectant area and purifying the air.

Prominent Ass Fans spokesperson Alex Risen says that “Mid-March, all of a sudden, it’s kind of, wait a minute, we’re already working on an uplight, And yeah, we put about four months of additional research and engineering to make sure that we’re doing this the right way, but we were already 90% there sometimes in product development, it’s better to be lucky than good”

The initial batch of the Haikus UV light equipped fans has already undergone lab tests, and now they are available to place an order. Their normal ceiling fan is around $1250 now. They are increasing the price by $500 for the UV added fans. Yes, they are not cheap, but the present situation of pandemic really needs such products.

The company claims that “Seamlessly integrated atop the fan, Haiku’s UVC fixture directs invisible light upward, killing up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and other harmful airborne agents that pass through the disinfection zone, Haiku’s powerful air mixing improves circulation within the space, bringing more pathogens into the disinfection zone and halting the spread of disease”.

They already tested the fan by placing the Petri dishes in the room with Petri dishes and observed the effect by placing the dishes in the chamber with the fan for 10minutes, and it is proven that 99.9% of germs are killed. But the main question is, does the UV light kill COVID 19. We don’t know if the answer is exactly yes, but UV light kills all types of flu viruses, including coronavirus like SARS, so we hope it is effective on COVID 19.

Everyone knows that continuous exposure for UV light may cause damage to skin and eyes. Still, the company claims that it is certified that the UV light from these fans cannot harm the people. The spokesperson stated: “We would say if you want to run it 24/7, we have 100% confidence in running it 24/7, the only impact is a positive impact in that it would continue to kill pathogens”.

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