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A million Samsung Galaxy Folds have been sold which is beyond expectations!

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Samsung has sold a million Samsung folds smartphones. According to the Samsung president Young Sohn, there are over a million galaxy smartphones out there being used by people. Their initial sales estimate in October was 500,000 units.

The cost of the phone is $2000 quite expensive, delicate in nature which requires care during the use of the phone. But despite these shortcomings, people seem to really love the foldable smartphone! The 7.3-inch folding smartphone is doing better than what Samsung thought. They did not see this coming.

Although we have to admit, this foldable phone had a rocky start. It received some serious criticisms by early reviewers, and it apparently failed. It prompted customers to stop pre-order purchases abruptly. Samsung had to postpone the launch date, and the phone went back under construction for its hardware. In fact, according to sources, Samsung CEO JD Koh felt very embarrassed over the criticism for the foldable phone. He also admitted that he shouldn’t have pushed for launching the device before it was ready for the market.

The Samsung Galaxy fold was launched again in September which performed relatively better. They also offered a $149 screen replacement service to satisfy the customers’ fear of premature breakdown of the device.

One million sales indicate a good number for Samsung Galaxy fold because of the amount of negative backlash it received. It is not the same as compared to other Samsung Galaxy devices that were sold in tens of millions that are released every quarter. But this foldable smartphone has really done well considering the price and the maintenance it demands!

Samsung’s ambition to produce foldable phones will not stop at Galaxy fold. There are speculations that a cheaper and a smaller version of the Galaxy fold will be released next year along with other models that will also have a folding mechanism in place. Samsung has a target to sell around 6 million foldable phones by 2020, judging by how the fold is doing, we can say that Samsung is off to a good start.

Even though one million is not a big number for Samsung, it is still a good number because several companies launch the same but struggle to sell their phones when companies like Samsung dominate the market even though these companies price their phones much lower than what Samsung charges.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially launched and released for sale in September. The initial launch date had to be postponed because of the early reviews and also because there were several devices lines up. Samsung redacted the original plans of releasing the phone and decided to tweak the design and make it better. They decided to go back to the drawing board and rectify all sorts of issues the device was developing. They strengthened the phone’s design, optimized functioning and made sure to revise the parts that were specifically delicate and were prone to breakage or damage.

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