About Us

MySmartChoice was started as a technology news website focusing on Internet, Mobiles, Apps, etc. We started covering news about “1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino” in 2010 and evolved into securing recognition as an authority domain for Technology related news. In addition to fresh daily news, we also publish reviews, how-to guides, and opinions on matters in the world of Apple Inc.

Our mission is to provide millions of readers with up-to-date news along with some top products reviews to help users choose the best possible within a short time.

How We Started?

While everything is being digital, it is not a surprise if news travel faster through social media leaks. Some might be true and some remain fake. With credibility as a main focus, MySmartChoice started publishing news that are trustworthy since 10 years. We target the global audience with technology related news 24×7.

Our team persistently flick through Internet for latest news on Apps, Gaming, Computing, Appliances, Restaurants and a lot more. From mobiles to smart home appliances, we cover everything on launches, updates and all other inventions & innovations. With original content, we frequently get syndicated into the most reputable news outlets around the world.

Make MSC as your quick source for tech news and stay informed!

What & How We Review?

We have a expert team of writers who have extensive backgrounds in the topics they are reviewing. All the recommendations on MySmartChoice are made only after a great research by this team. With years of experience on wide variety of sectors and weeks or months of research and evaluation, we ensure to provide the top list to help viewers make the Smart Choice.

No matter what product you are looking for, we make sure to provide the top list on the market. The categories include Home & Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care, Travel / Camping, Gardening, Electronics and many more. We don’t just list the high-price products that are stuffed with a lot of features. We check the important features to consider for each product, and then we pick the best-selling ones in all the price ranges (low to high). Now we compare the features of all these products and will do some research on customers opinions & reviews. Our team of experts and writers analyze the finalized products for weeks or months (based on the product) and finally we present their personal experience along with guides for buying and using the product.

There might be some Awe like features while looking at the commercials of those products, but they might not be helpful while using the products. We try our best to recommend the products that comes with useful features and in affordable price for the average customer.

If you think we missed any product that you are looking for or any suggestions / guides on any product, you can contact us. We will try our best to provide you with the required info. We hope you enjoy referring MySmartChoice!

Please contact us if you have questions about our content, quotes, or image attribution.


Founder and Editor


Vijay Kumar is the Founder and Director of MySmartChoice.org. He truly is an inspiring man who woo’s audiences with his digital marketing smarts. He started his career as a Social Media Manager at a digital marketing firm that specializes in graphic design, web design, digital marketing, and branding. Today as a Creative Director, he is not only dealing with the marketing strategies, but also handling the products under Traveling and Camping category.

Strategy and Operations Manager


Guna is a Strategy and Operations Manager at MySmartChoice from past 7 years. She manages multiple web operations in the area of design, performance improvement, digital marketing and other web assets with her strategic thinking. She has tremendous hands-on experience in launching and organizing various review websites. Her interests include reading books, dancing, handicrafts and spending quality time with family.

Content Research and Writer


Suma is a Content Research & Writer at MySmartChoice evaluating the products from over 5 years. She has worked as a hair care professional at Strands of Love Salon for 2 years and later she worked as a Product Reviewer for websites related to wide variety of tools. Currently, she is managing to research and review the Personal Care gadgets & tools on MSC. In her spare time, she loves self grooming, gardening, cooking, playing with pets and spending time with family.

Content Research and Writer


Bhavani is a Content Research & Writer at MySmartChoice who deals with products under the Home & Kitchen Appliances category. Her hobbies and interests are always inclined towards home decor and cooking. She incorporated her passion into blogging and started sharing her thoughts on decorating home & kitchen with beauty combined smartness. From past 6 years, she has been in charge of analyzing different appliances and flaunt her uniqueness and integrity in presenting reviews. You can also find her works on other blogs related to Home & Decor and Kitchen appliances.

Content Research and Writer


Kumari works as a Content Research & Writer for MSC, specialized in Garden category. The art of adding beauty to any garden space and crafting growing plants are the things that define her. Turning a simple looking garden into a pictograph landscape is her passion. It drove her to critically analyse various gardening tools. Over 5 years, she is exploring wide variety of tools in her garden and sharing her experiences on MSC. Besides MySmartChoice, her work has been featured at different garden blogs.

Content Writer


Ann is a Content Writer specializing in Fitness. From past 2 years, she is writing about wellness products at MSC alongside the lifestyle & baby products. Her interests include, yoga, music, dancing, traveling and cooking. Formerly, she worked as a yoga instructor and now in the spare time, she is preparing online training programs in her blog.



Jyothirmai is working as an Editor at MySmartChoice since 2016. She worked as a Interpersonal Communication Trainer at Future Insights Training Institute from 2011 to 2013. Before getting hands on editor role, she used to work as a freelance writer for different sectors. In her free time, she spends time reading books, dancing, cooking and hanging out with friends.



Haarika is tackling several categories as an Editor since 2017. Outside of MySmartChoice, she narrates a well known novel and published her stories on Wattpad. Previously, she worked as a Proofreader at the Edward Publishers and later joined MSC to incorporate her passion into blogs.

Social Media Editor


Prathyusha is a Social Media Editor at MSC dealing with forums and creating engaging social content since 3 years. Being a fun loving and extrovert, social media has grabbed her attention. Earlier, she has worked as a Social Media Executive at Wink Technologies for over a year. During her pastime, she loves photography, yoga and gardening.



Keerthana working as a Designer from past 4 years at MySmartChoice handling digital media file management and creating the design and layout of web pages. Before, she worked as a Graphic Designer at DigiFont Innovations for 2 years. She is passionate about photography, traveling, and video editing.



Sanjana is a freelance writer who tackles News at MSC. She has 2 years experience in writing variety of technology news along with some best selling products reviews. She is passionate about exploring latest trends and technology in the market. In her free time, she loves to play video games, hanging out with friends, and photography.



Raana is a freelance writer for MSC who tackles Automobile & Bike Accessories. He has nearly 4 years experience in content writing and editing for different blogs. His favorite things include cars, bike riding, and of course camping and cycling. Outside of MySmartChoice, he is working as a Quality testing engineer since 2017.



Anil is the Freelance Writer who reviews the products related to Electronic Gadgets at MySmartChoice. Outside of MySmartChoice, he works as a IoT Developer and his obsession towards the technology thrived him towards blogging. Being skeptical, he always watch customer reviews and read about the current trends before buying any gadget. His hobbies also include music, photography, and traveling.