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MySmartChoice is a technology news website focused on Internet, Mobiles, Apps, etc. Our mission is to provide millions of readers with up-to-date news on all things Apps, Android, Mac, Mobiles, Windows, and more. We started covering news about “1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino” in 2010 and evolved into securing recognition as an authority domain for Technology related news. In addition to fresh daily news, we also publish reviews, how-to guides, and opinions on matters in the world of Apple Inc.

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Our Team

BravoBravo Roger – ChiefEditor

Bravo Roger is an Android mobile app developer efficient in application architecture, development and discovery of new feature improvement to encourage mobile consumer solutions. He has an extensive background in Android design and development. Additionally, being a fitness freak, he spends his time in the gym, running on a treadmill or lifting dumbbells!

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MickeyMickey Sampson – Senior Journalist

Mickey Sampson is a PHP Developer who is skilled at coding, analytical approach, and database design having a deep understanding of Core PHP, Magento, WordPress, and different latest technologies. Either he keeps himself busy in building new and one of a kind apps or playing with his pets – an animal lover, who has 7 different animals residing with him.

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JonasJonas Whites – Senior Journalist

Jonas Whites is an SEO Analyst who is highly skilled in various advanced tools for SEO research and analysis to generate traffic on website performing SEO, SMO, SMM, Link Building, Blogs marketing strategies. Out of the office environment, you will see him enjoying with his DSLR camera capturing some cool pictures around the beautiful spots.

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MaguireMaguire Jovich – Contributing Author

Automation Engineer, Maguire Jovich is having experience of PLC system and its installations and commissioning. He is skilled in programming, troubleshooting as well as customer interactions, and service. If not working he would like to spend his time in tranquility around the excellence of nature, he even enjoys forest camping a lot.

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RosaRosa Margaret – Senior Journalist

Rosa Margaret is a Senior Architect who plays a role of designing, planning and developing different projects for her firm. She is highly skilled in analyzing blueprints, sketches, and models for environmental and safety issues. She loves to do gardening in her free time which is quite evident in her exquisitely maintained backyard.

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