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Acecore Technologies Announces the Next Level Speaker Drone.

Acecore Technologies announces the next level speaker drone.

Acecore Technologies has come up with a drone that is fitted with high-quality speakers. It is something that finds enormous applications in the world today. Needs of broadcasting and announcements in heavily crowded areas, the drones, named Zoe are loaded with a loudspeaker, and gimbal camera payload are met.

The Acecore Zoe is blessed with standard high decibel speakers with a volume of 80 decibels. This volume has been measured at the height of 100 meters. The drones have been mounted under carbon fibers. The wattage of these speakers has been assigned to 100 Watts. The loudspeaker has an audible range of 1-kilometer.

Since the volume is 80 decibels, the speakers are well suited for any crowded place. Specifically, areas that face huge traffic can benefit greatly from such a system in place. Now, this lone fact has a very large bearing. The Acecore drones are of immense importance to enforce preventive and protective measures.

The administration can make use of it. In areas, where crowds tend to get accumulated, these speakers can be used to announce the diktat loudly and enforce social distancing. Something as common as a handheld intercom can be used by the police or law authority while they wish to announce something.

In case an intercom is difficult to be arranged, even a smartphone or, for that matter, a laptop will do too. The set-up is not complex in that it makes use of a waterproof, gimbal-stabilized camera. This camera is very powerful, having a 10x optical zoom. It is a huge advantage given that drones can be secretly deployed where there is a need to detect and identify persons and individuals who have the potential to create menace and even groups of people. 

A fair enough range of up to 16-kilometers in ideal situations has been allowed to the camera feed as well as the control link of the drone. The controllers are effective ones, and the drones make use of George Here link and Surface Go set-up. Both of these set-ups of controllers are pretty advanced and have been launched recently. 

The drone is easily commanded to fly through the ‘tap to fly’ option, which is visibly present in the mission planner software. This planner software is already installed. The option works in close sync with the controllers available. The Acecore Zoe makes use of 17 mAh 6s batteries. The aerial vehicle boasts of a real-world flight time of half an hour.

Even when there is a heavy downpour and menacing rains, the drones work uninterrupted. For similar reasons, it is also waterproof. They have provided the drone with a remote-controlled electromagnetic lock which is popularly called a mag lock. This electromagnetic lock has been given on the landing gear. 

The drones utilize advanced precision technologies like RTK precision, and GPS antennas have been inserted in the drone software. The drone is equipped to take off by itself and land on the front or back of any vehicle earmarked for action.

The moment the drone comes in contact with the vehicle as it was supposed to, the electromagnetic lock secures the Acecore Zoe such that the aerial beauty can fly off to its next destination to complete the mission. 

Acecore has a respectable space in the world of UAV technology. It makes and supplies drones and cameras for professional usage. Once started as drone cinematography, today, its tailor-made drones cut across countries and appeal to all and sundry. It is one of the leading producers and integrators in the market.

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