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Adobe Creative Cloud library integrates with Microsoft Office 365: People let out a huge sigh of relief!

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Microsoft Office has streamlined our works and made the whole process a lot easier and efficient by introducing a creative cloud library button on the top of the toolbar that has very easily integrated the works of Adobe Creative cloud into Microsoft office. All of us know, we use Microsoft office to represent our ideas, and also, a few of the ideas are represented through presentations. Still, these all happen under the authority of a company and the name of a given company we work for!

Hence every such process requires branded documents, and every time we work with Microsoft office for some new company plans or some new amazing presentations, we struggle to get it branded. We start bugging into people and require their help in searching for company logos etc. All such problems have now come to a stop when Microsoft office has integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud Library.

Most of the people who deal with such tasks must have felt a whole lot of relief after hearing to such an amazing announcement where Adobe Creative Cloud has announced its integration with Microsoft Office. As per sources, Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications that helps to provide a number of cloud services and also some mobile applications. It is a set of applications that helps with graphic designing, web development, video editing, and photography.

This is a much-needed application for creative content creators like the logo designers or the ones who deal with videography etc. Sometimes we as normal people also tend to use this provision for designing our own sets of fonts styles and pictures that we want to design for our presentations or ideas. Hence, we use this, but in due course of time, using this and then dragging the same to the Office applications had become tedious. Switching from one application to another had become a headache to deal with, and the people who had to must be the happiest people to see both integrating!

Now the question is how the whole thing is working! The whole process of making branded newsletters presentation and flyers are made manifold times easier with this integration. To use the feature of integration while in Microsoft PowerPoint, you simply need to find out the Creative Cloud library button present on the upper right side of the toolbar and simply press on it! This would lead to a page from where you can frag in your logos, texts, styles, fonts, etcetera that you have been facing problem to inherit from that application to this!

With this whole procedure, users are going to have a lot of ease in accessing the same way in Microsoft word as well! Navigating and using the creative cloud button present in the toolbar is going to lead you to a page where you can drag in your content of relevance. Organizations that have signed up for Adobe Stock will also be able to share or drag in their stock images directly from their creative cloud libraries to be used in Microsoft office.

This whole thing, being integrated with Microsoft Office, has been very recent, and to access this, you will have to buy Microsoft office 365 that is available at $69.99.This can be purchased directly from Microsoft store with a one-time purchasing price of $149.99, and the ones who have not yet started using Adobe Creative Cloud for their graphic work needs can sign up from Adobe.com with several plans that start with $9.99 per month.

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