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Full Adobe Photoshop app is finally on App Store for iPad users

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If you are a photographer, then you must be knowing the difficulty of carrying a laptop everywhere for editing photos and videos. Not only it is tiresome but is also not reliable as most of the time, the battery of the laptop drains out due to heavy editing. Wouldn’t it be great if the same editing apps were available on tablets or phones? Well, your wish has come true, and Adobe has finally made the iPad version of Adobe Photoshop. Now, you can edit your images anywhere on your iPad with the Adobe Photoshop.

Last year Adobe had announced that it would bring its editing app to iPads by 2019 and has remained true to its word. Adobe has finally made Adobe Photoshop available in Apple tablets, and soon you would be able to use it. Though the download of Adobe Photoshop is free and the users will get a one-month free trial, there would be subscription fees after that. The user has to pay $9.99 per month as per the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plan and will even have to buy in-app equipment according to their requirements.

The Adobe Photoshop app on Apple iPad is not as same as the desktop version, and there are lots of modifications that need to be done; still, the app works perfectly fine with iPads. It supports Apple Pencil and is even compatible with newer models of iPads. With Adobe Photoshop on iPad, you can even edit PSD files anywhere, and the edited files will be saved in the Creative Cloud so that you don’t have to start over again.

Some new features, such as spot healing and clone stamp, are also seen in the tablet version app of Adobe Photoshop. Furthermore, the app even has functions such as a paintbrush and quick selection in the iPad version of the app. If you are a photographer or if you love to take photos, then this app will be on your list. It is quite difficult to carry a laptop every time to edit pictures. It is much easier to carry a tablet for editing pictures, and with Adobe Photoshop collaborating with Apple iPad, you can edit your pictures anywhere.

If you are already a subscriber of Adobe Photoshop, then you can easily edit the images on your iPad and save it in Creative Cloud. Later on, you can add more layers to the saved image from your desktop without any difficulty. It was quite unexpected that Adobe would be bringing the tablet version of the editing app on the said time and that too with such amazing offers.

According to news, Adobe is going to hold its annual event next month, where we can expect that there will be more news regarding the collaboration of the company with Apple’s iPads. It has been stated that Adobe is even planning to bring its Graphics Editor app to iPad by next year, and we can expect that it will also be on time, just like this one.

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