Airweave Launches New Airweave Mattress for more Comfort

Airweave has launched its new Airweave mattresses. The new design, which uses a range of components, is lighter than ever. It is easier to carry and transport from one place to another. Not only that, but the intelligent design also ensures that you feel the best when you wake up after a night’s sleep.

The company has always believed that it is not the feeling that you get when you first get seated on the bed, rather the feeling that you get when you wake up the next morning. After all, the morning only gets to decide how your night has been. It is the very principle and guiding sutra of the renowned Japanese company.

Airweave is a Japanese company whose Founder & CEO is Motokuni Takaoka, who had taken over the company of his uncle’s fishing line. Takaoka, who had graduated from Stanford School of Engineering, was always very enthusiastic about experiments with different varieties of fiber to be used in mattresses and pillows. The designs became renowned globally and in no time were adopted by top athletes and agencies worldwide.

For this very ambition, from the beginning, the Japanese company had tried and used a number of resin fibers to maximize the comfort and sleep of those who sleep on the mattress. This time the design has got better with the introduction of resilient interwoven resin fiber blocks. The block is 6 inches in height, and the brand’s proprietary fiber has been used to make it.

Everytime the deal is made it is softer and better. This time, the mattress is much softer and allows greater support and breathability. Not only that, but the acclaimed air fiber has also been used whose 2-inch block is known to be filled with relief and the feeling of homeliness. The Japanese company is all about selling premium mattresses that ensure better sleep.

This air fiber technology has been scientifically proven to impart a more restorative sleep in comparison to the conventional foam mattresses. The sleep is deeper than ever. It relieves the back of any strain, which is normally caused due to day’s hectic work schedule. Since the company deals with high-end demands, a number of sports agencies and individual athletes benefit from the scientific and supple design.

It is not just an innovative bedding system but also more durable and sustainable. The mattresses can be kept in a box and used over and over again. Since they are so light in weight, they can be carried anywhere and spread before sleeping. Due to the properties of the plastic-based air fiber, it cannot be compressed.

The Japanese design ensures that these modular mattresses are easier to move. Not just that, they are easy to clean. The air fiber has been created with the help of a type of polyethylene resin. Itcan also be recycled back to the raw polyethylene form and used again in the form of other plastic items.

The New Airweave Mattress has a price that starts from $1400 and is available in a range of sizes from Twin to California King. These days, users can also purchase Airweave through the internet at As usual, it is also available at select boutiques. The customers are given a full 100 day trial period. 

If you do not like the service, you can return it and claim a full refund after the 100 day trial period. The condition is that you must have used the mattress for 30 days, at least. Thus, the company seems pretty confident that a period of 30 days should be enough for you to feel that the mattress is worth your bed and that precious sleep.

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