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AiT Standing Desk Nudges you to get up and Have Fresh Air

AiT standing desk nudges you to get up and have fresh air

AiT’s standing desks are truly concept desks. They are not just adjustable but are guiding pieces of furniture. The furniture can be controlled via a smartphone. It offers many options and triggers in the form of bells to notify you when it is time to carry out a specific task.

These desks are adjustable in that you can adjust the height. Now, that is always a bonus point given that the desks, being standing ones, can adjust people of a wide range of heights. You do not have to worry about your height to fit a particular standing desk. You just have to look at the specs that the piece of furniture comes with, and rest all are taken care of.

Just like many other smart desks out there in the market, the basic working and structure of the AiT Smart One remain the same. The company has given the facility of 3 default settings to reboot their working throughout the day. Of course, the height can be fine-tuned, but that is just another place where the desk finds similarity with others of its class.

For people who spend a long time working on desks for hours at a stretch, the company has been thoughtful and very considerate. The standing adjustable desk comes with bells and alarms that give out notifications depending on the number of hours spent at the desk.

The best part is the enhanced concern towards the users’ fitness. First of all, the company has designed the desk in such a way that there is ample space for placing both your feet proving to be ergonomic in letter and spirit. Next up, whenever you work at a stretch, there are sensors to identify and push you to the windows to catch some breaths of fresh air.

Did we say that the desk featured a sensor as well? Well, it turns out that the makers of this piece of furniture have added an air quality sensor in the desk which comes along with a carbon monoxide alarm. The alarm starts to buzz when the carbon monoxide levels exceed the prescribed limit inside the room.

The standing desk comes equipped with a wireless charger and a Bluetooth speaker system. There is a nice LED lighting system for ample lighting- not less, not more. The standing desk has got a smart and integrated cable management system. The desk is very spacious and also comes with a security drawer that is controlled by an app.

With so many built-in features, it is discernible that a lot of space has been saved up effectively. Now, that can be an aid to clear the otherwise accumulated clutter. It is the company’s way to say, “Work at that project with all your heart, and we will take care of everything else!”

 The desk has been designed, and it is just a matter of supply now. The standing adjustable desks have been priced at $ 999. There are 2 other models as well that are priced at the slightly lesser amount, but a few of the bells and whistles would not be present in the other models.

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