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Aldi recalled the Defective Stock Vacuum Cleaners in Australia

Aldi recalled the Defective Stock Vacuum Cleaners in Australia

An Aldi brand vacuum cleaner that is bagless has been rolled back amidst concerns that the appliance could erupt in flames. 

The vacuum cleaner, which comes without a bag but has a cord, was referred to as “Easy Home – Multi Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner.” It comes in two colors – blue and red. The appliance was sold during two instances this year-once within the time range between 5th February and 3rd March and again between 5th September to 9th December.

Product Safety Australia exercised a word of caution, stating, “the vacuum’s motor may overheat when the dust filter is blocked, which can result in a fire.” 

Well, for those who may be wondering if this is the very first time that an Aldi based vacuum cleaner has been scrapped off, then it may not be the case. On 19th March, an Aldi vacuum cleaner, known by the name of “Easy Home Cordless Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Cleaner” was rolled back. This appliance, an upright one, and again coming without a bag, was put up for sale during the interim period between 5th February till 10th March. 

The reason for recalling this product was quite similar – post the vacuum cleaner getting charged, there were high chances of the battery equipped within the appliance to get heated up much more than required. That could ultimately lead to the complete appliance catching fire and cause great hazards.

Both of these rolled back vacuum cleaners formed a section of Aldi’s “special buys” product collection. Products within this category were being sold for a short time period. These appliances acquired a very high craze online, mainly because they were a lot like products coming in from premium brands. For instance, there were a lot of speculations stating that the upright vacuum cleaner of Aldi is very much equivalent to a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Product Safety Australia recommends that the customers who have already purchased the above vacuum cleaners are advised to return them at any store affiliated with the Aldi brand. By doing the same, these costumes are bound to get the entire money refunded for the product.

The Aldi website, the list of products that have been rolled back so far has been put up. The brand emphasizes that the safety of the customer is of the highest priority for Aldi. The note further reads, “We have developed stringent standards and undertake independent quality testing on an ongoing basis to ensure all suppliers meet our strict specifications.”

Furthermore, the brand states that occasionally, certain issues related to the quality of a product or its safety crop up. Apart from these, a few problems have also arisen for products while they are at the packaging stage or even while they are being shipped. Whenever these stray instances are being found or reported, Aldi ensures that these products are no longer found on its store shelves and are called off immediately. 

Finally, the brand adds that any product found violating the government’s standards would immediately be stopped from being sold. The same goes for products that do not satisfy the standards expected from an Aldi product. Once such a thing happens, a recall notification would be sent to those customers who have purchased these products.

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