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All The US Diplomats are withhold from social media due to the Trump’s Rioters

All The US Diplomats are withhold from social media due to the Trump's Rioters

It looks like the US Capitol siege late on Wednesday afternoon has taken the entire country by storm. After the violence erupted, Donald Trump’s accounts within Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were blocked with immediate effect. At the same time, the US diplomats were prohibited from publishing anything on social media by the State Department.

Trump’s supporters went on a rioting spree in the US Capitol, resulting in four fatalities. The attack took place when the counting of electoral votes was in progress, leaving no choice for lawmakers to clear the place immediately. There are previous issues of Facebook and twitter with this kind of political riots

Trump’s social media accounts were blocked with immediate effect after the president went on to post the same theory of cheating in the recent elections in which Joe Biden emerged out as the winner. The president feels that too many unlawful activities have occurred during elections, ultimately leading to his defeat. 

Guy Rosen, VP of Integrity within Facebook, went on to say, “This is an emergency, and we are taking appropriate emergency measures, including removing President Trump’s video.” Facebook has imposed a 24-hour ban for Trump, during which he would be unable to post anything on its platform. The same thing is true for Instagram too. All of these bans are being enforced to prevent any further acts of violence.

The irrelevant accusations put forth by Trump on account of his election loss has also forced Facebook to update a label associated with these derogatory posts which claim the election results to be inappropriate. Both Facebook and Instagram have forbidden anything appearing within the hashtag #StormTheCapitol.

Twitter, too was obliged to take down three tweets coming in from Donald Trump and block his Twitter account for a good twelve hours. The social media giant has also stated that going. Further, the president would be banned forever from posting any tweets if he is found breaching any rules within the Civic Integrity regulations. 

Along with Donald Trump’s accounts, diplomats of the US have been refrained from posting anything on social media. Along with this, they were directed to even take down pre-planned content from Facebook, Hootsuite, and Twitter until further orders.

CNN reports that diplomats are usually given stringent orders like these in an emergency, like a situation of a terrorist attack or any natural phenomenon that has a negative impact. However, the State Department is taking no chances in this case. Post the attack on Wednesday afternoon. There was barely any activity within the Twitter account of the State Department as these too were blocked. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo tweeted, stating, “the storming of the US Capitol today is unacceptable,” which was retweeted by the State Department account and that too late in the evening. Post this, nothing else came up on social media with reference to these attacks.

The root cause of this attack traces to the fact that Trump’s supporters began protesting outside the White House during an ongoing speech, ultimately leading to violence.

Image source: Techcrunch

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