Alleged burglar breaks into house, raids the refrigerator as per police reports

An incident has come to light where a burglar broke into a Northampton house, which belonged to a person whose name is not public. The man named Christopher A. Zahn was a resident of Nor Bath Boulevard in the East Allen Township, which is a popular township in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, United States. The East Allen Township is situated in the Lehigh Valley region of the state.

Christopher A. Zahn is a 32-year-old man who committed the alleged burglary and trespassing on the late Wednesday night. As per the Police, the man was trying to help himself with the refrigerator. It was just then, the Police arrived, and he was caught red-handed. The break-in has happened at the Lehigh Township home. It was the district Judge Alan Mege who slapped legal charges over Christopher Zahn, slapping a bail amount at $ 25,000.

The man was allegedly trying to get away with the fridge, and he was applying all his might to carry it away, but his efforts remained in vain, thanks to the efficacy of the police personnel. When confronted by the Police, the East Allen Township man tried to escape with all his might. But following his escape plan, he was caught anyways. The Police have alleged Zahn on the grounds of single felony charges of burglary, criminal trespass, and also fleeing at the sight of the Police.

Zahn’s fleeing has been seen as an attempt to escape the sight of the alleged theft, burglary, and mischief mongering. The guy has been charged with a misdemeanor and also faces the legal charges of resistance to arrest, criminal mischief, and of course, theft. As per the officer, there was a rock which he saw through the sliding door, after which he instructed the alleged burglar to wait till he came.

As per sources, the officer returned to the car to speak to him, but the man had already attempted running. This act speaks of a possible escape after fearing a possible punishment. The police officers from Lehigh Township police station had been sent to the Lehigh Drive home shortly after 4 pm. It was at this time when they found Zahn at the site.

Zahn was stopped at his attempted escape near the Mary Immaculate Seminary with the help of another police officer. In all this effort, the first officer nearly sprained his ankle; such forceful was the running of the person. The Police have been able to gather some details from the person who rented the in-law suite. She told that the man had earlier knocked at the door.

She said that she took some pictures of him then. But after not being allowed into the suite, he broke into another in-law suite, which was separately there at home. The lady reported to the Lehigh Township police that the thirty-something man sipped some milk, took some eatables out of the refrigerator. Not just that, he also tried to damage the thermostat present over there.

When interrogated, Zahn claimed in his defense that he had been looking for his children who he suspected might have gone into the house. He admitted that he broke in, but he gave totally unexpected reasons to support his claim. The court records provide no explanation as to why he would have believed that his kids were at that property. On being asked what all he did, the man was prompt at saying that he took just water from the fridge and nothing else.

He explained that it was just a bottle of water since he felt his throat parched. After all this, he was also asked why he attempted the escape when he did nothing wrong as per his statement of defense. He replied that he ran from the police officer because he was afraid of being confronted all of a sudden. Nevertheless, he has attempted a full-fledged escape from the site of the crime.

Thus, Christopher A. Zahn of Nor Bath Boulevard was asked to submit a bail amount of $ 25,000, which he could not pay. Following this, he had been imprisoned at the Northampton County Prison. In Northampton County, Pennsylvania prison, Zahn awaits a preliminary hearing regarding the trespassing and alleged robbery case. The case has been next scheduled for Feb 26, 2020.

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