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Alphabet’s Drone Delivery Service finds its Demand Doubled

Alphabet’s drone delivery s

Alphabet’s Wing has made over 1000 deliveries in the past 2 weeks. The deliveries have almost doubled in the US and Australia. Alphabet’s drone delivery company has seen a significant increase in demand. During the pandemic, as people have been quarantined and a big chunk of the population is stranded due to lockdowns, the demands have naturally seen a surge.

The Wing has decided to offer the drone’s deliveries in a very few locations right now across the world. The company is delivering to people in a certain range of weight. But, the best part of the news is that deliveries are made all by themselves. People do not need to come out or interact with others. Indeed, people do not need to travel at all.

These consist of a lot of prominent locations in Virginia, Finland, and Australia. Though the total number of locations around the world is restricted by the company Wing, it has partnered itself with local businesses to tend to the deliveries. As the deliveries are made, adequate levels of social distancing are maintained. This is simply not possible when there is a human delivery person. 

There is bound to be some level of interaction either with the items or from people to people. The Wing is right now the only service that offers deliveries via drones to the common public in North America. Next up, we also have Amazon that shall be working in the same direction pretty soon once it gets to launch its own Prime Air service.

Customers have been using Wing’s app to place an order. Thanks to a good enough speed of the drones, their deliveries can easily reach them within minutes. These are the drones that can travel at around 65 miles per hour. Ranging from croissants and muffins to toilet paper drones deliver everything you may need.

The drone is delivering a range of food items to people ranging from staple diet to milk products and fresh vegetables. Some people go for bread and milk. While cereals and dairy products are a common demand, the demands for baby food have also increased in the past few days. Many people ask for items like pasta and baby food for the drones to deliver to them on time.

“It’s really early days, so it’s hard to know how Coronavirus will shape our business’s strategy… Ultimately we would love many more households around the US and the world to have access to our technology,” Wing’s head of marketing and communications, Alexa Dennett, gave a statement to the Business Insider.


The merchandise of Google’s Wing delivery unit is stocked and stacked at a Wing facility. Drones lift all the demanded items from this facility, and off they go, flying higher and higher till they establish a lofty altitude of 150 feet and a speed of 65 mph. When a drone arrives at its destination, it comes down to 23 feet and descends a paper cargo box that is attached to a rope. The overall capacity of the cargo has been said to be 3 pounds.

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