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Always Home Cam by Ring to be Launched on Amazon

Always Home Cam by Ring to be launched on Amazon

Home security has been one of the primary concerns for people, given the crime rate and other circumstances. Today, we are lucky to have technology that can help us protect our homes even when they are not present inside them. 

Amazon has recently unveiled a new technology system in the same regards, where flying camera drones will be streaming live video from inside our homes if a break-in takes place. The device works only when a scenario of a break-in on similar circumstances will arise. 

Even though a flying camera drone can help us see what exactly is happening while we aren’t, it is quite useful, but many private organizations still have concerns. The main concern here is that it could be a part of unwanted surveillance, which isn’t the best scenario.  

The Ring is the manufacturer of the device that will be available on Amazon, but only in the U.S. in the beginning. The company has claimed that its device has been designed, keeping in mind privacy as the key point. The flying camera drone would rest in a dock until it is launched as required. No surveillance will take place while it is in its dock. 

Yesterday, on twitter, Ring shared a very illustrated video showing how the ‘Always home cam’ – the flying camera drone’s official name, would work. The video highlighted the product’s features with the fact that the drone would be a deterrent to the intruder as well and not merely record the video. 

The camera’s primary concerns around the recording aspect have been cleared by the fact that the camera will only start recording once it has left the base and gets started on the path which has been pre-set into its system. Manual control will not be possible with the kind of design and technology that the flying camera drone has been built with. 

The price that has been set for the Always Home Cam by Ring is $250, and it will be available on Amazon very soon, but only in the U.S. for now. Amazon has also further cleared up a few facts about the product that “Obstacle avoidance technology allows it to avoid unexpected objects as it moves on the pre-set paths.”

Another statement from Amazon revealed that “Autonomous indoor security camera flies your chosen, personalized paths so that you can easily check in on your home for peace of mind – like whether someone left a window open or forgot to turn the stove off”.

Besides having a pre-set path, it is also safe for pets and kids because it is a small, lightweight drone with propellers shrouded by a cage. It is in its design to avoid any kind of injuries to pets or damage furniture around the house. Everything will be safe, including your home. Users who are already using Ring alarm can integrate it with their system to get constant updates or alarms.

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