Amazon brings ad sponsored Music Streaming to Android, iOS, and Fire TV

Amazon has come up with free music streaming which is sponsored by ads to all the Android and iOS devices. Initially, it was just confined to the devices by Amazon. Now, this new feature will be available to all Android, iOS, Fire TV for people living in Germany, UK and US.

This will allow all music enthusiasts to play any kind of music they like from the thousands of stations available to them: any song, any artist, any era, genre; top global playlists. You don’t require a prime subscription to access Amazon Music, so you don’t need to worry about bills or anything. But you will require an Amazon account. The app has holiday music queued up as well.

Before announcing free music to all the Android and iOS devices, the streaming service was available on Echo and devices with Alexa. The streaming is free, but it will have advertisements, and Amazon does offer ad-free streaming, but for prime membership, this gives a strong competition to Spotify.

If you want ad-free music, then Amazon Music will provide you with two options: one is an Amazon Prime membership which gives you access to over 2 million songs with no ads and no additional unnecessary costs. The second option is Amazon music unlimited, which will cost you about $7.99 per month, giving you access to 50 million songs. But since this launch is relatively new, Amazon is offering a limited-time deal where you get four months for $0.99. Amazon is already shining with its smart speaker, and this offer just makes it a much sweeter deal.

The following are the top playlists and stations available right now on Amazon music:

  1. Country heat: a collection of great country music
  2. Rap rotation
  3. All hits: which will contain all the global hits that are currently trending
  4. Fuego Latino: features all the Latin hits from popular Latin singers
  5. The iconic ‘holiday favourites’ because it is the holiday season!

Amazon is taking advantage of the large presence it has, as of now, globally. In fact, after the launch of this new tier, Spotify’s stock price dipped 5%! So you can see that Amazon is taking this very seriously. Amazon offers multiple options for streaming music, let us take a look at them:

  1. Amazon music unlimited: As mentioned earlier gives you access to 50 million songs. A non-prime customer might have to pay $9.99 per month
  2. Amazon music HD: It is basically the polished version of the amazon music unlimited. The songs will be in high resolution.
  3. Amazon prime music: Like mentioned above is free with prime membership
  4. Amazon music unlimited for one device: Will cost you $3.99 per month which is obviously limited to Echo and Fire TV
  5. Amazon music free: And last but not the least is the free streaming and access to millions of songs but with ads. This will include the audio advertisements, just like the ones you find on Spotify.
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