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Amazon Care To Provide Delivery And Pickup Of COVID-19 Samples In Seattle

Amazon Care To Provide Delivery And Pickup Of Covid-19 Samples In Seattle

With the rise of the pandemic COVID-19 all across the world, various tech giant companies like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft have come up with solutions to aid and abate the situation. From donating to foundations, providing resources to research, and increasing awareness, the companies have done it all. With that in view, Amazon has come up with a very new solution that will start as a trial in Seattle. Amazon has partnered up with Gates Foundation, a venture by the former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and will soon be seen delivering Coronavirus assessment tests from home to home, and then collecting the samples to be tested in FDA approved facilities.

Amazon Care is a health arm formed itself, whose primary aim was to care for the health of their employees. But in the rising health crisis, Amazon Care has been asked to take on this responsibility. It will be seen managing and looking over the delivery of samples, and test kits from home to FDA approved test facilities. They will be looking over transportation as well as the maintenance of the entire process.

According to sources this news was first reported by CNBC, a leading news channel. This news came after FDA recently updated its guidance on testing for COVID-19 at home in the Emergency Use Authorization. This EUA was set up to broaden the private lab testing of COVID-19. Still, Amazon Care soon came up with an understanding with the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN), which will not involve the traditional drop and pick up of packages for delivery by Amazon.

The Amazon Care drivers and executives’ in-charge will be trained and given proper guidance on how to administer the test and also on how to handle the sensitive medical equipment with utmost care. This initiative is a trial and is limited to only Seattle to understand the spread of the Coronavirus.

In the trial, the kits available will be limited and will primarily consist of the swab tests that have been established through every drive-thru testing to find people affected by it. In case a person is tested positive for COVID-19, the person who administered the test under the SCAN trial will have to submit it to the facilities and also be contacted by a healthcare individual who will guide him on the steps to be taken. It will include steps on how to seek proper treatment and prevent the transmission of the virus to the general population.

The Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN) was founded as a partnership between the Seattle & King County’s Public Health department and the Seattle Flu Study team of hospitals and organizations related to health. The Seattle Flu Study team was made with a similar agenda to study the spread of the seasonal flu in the community. 

The research, hypothesis, and related studies by the Seattle Flu Study team for seasonal flu has been adopted for the study of the COVID-19 virus as well. The method will be the same, and the team has put a halt on its research on the traditional seasonal flu and has moved its focus entirely to study the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Amazon has taken some very active steps to help in containing the virus or spread awareness. They have also joined hands with IBM to form a consortium and have agreed to provide resources to it to compute solutions that will help in developing vaccinations or some medicine for the treatment of Coronavirus. Not only Amazon, but Google, Microsoft, and the White House are also going to be a part of this consortium.

In the initial rise of the pandemic, it was Amazon that took strict measures in removing products listed to take advantage of the ongoing crisis and make money out of it. They also provided their employees with paid leaves and asked them to continue their work from home. Now with this new endeavor of Amazon Care, the world awaits for some positive results.

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