Amazon’s Echo Buds will be tracking your fitness soon

Amazon’s Echo Buds are said to have a new fitness tracking functionality. The latest reports from credible sources state that Amazon Echo Buds can track and monitor your fitness records like running or walking. The feature is still in the test phase, so we are not aware of the full capabilities of this two-in-one wireless earbuds from Amazon.

The new Fitness section in the Alexa app was spotted by the CNBC team. According to the sources, the new section comprises the option to track a workout, a fitness profile, which for the time being, just has space to input your height, and a Workouts heading. Following this reveal, other sources have also confirmed the presence of this new fitness tracking feature in the upgraded version of Amazon Echo Buds.

It was CNBC’s Todd Haselton who noticed that he was able to track his steps after saying the command “Alexa, start a workout”. As for now, this seems to be the only fitness functionality available in the Amazon Echo Buds. It is hinting that this feature is still in its testing phase.

Amazon has not yet disclosed anything about the presence of these fitness features in the Echo Buds. It would not be much surprising, if the Amazon Echo Buds will be doubling up as a pair of work out headphones.

In spite of everything, the addition of biometric sensors was one of the most rumored features about Echo Buds before its launch in October. The recently launched AirPod Pro from Apple did not have a built-in heart rate monitor, much to the dismay of the huge expectations of the tech world.

The fitness tracking feature would be a greatly useful addition to the Echo Buds. As Amazon features IPX4 sweat resistance in the Echo Buds, the fitness tracking will work wonders and will be much helpful for the users.

In addition to being one step higher than the Apple AirPods Pro, the features of Echo Buds also has a winning hand over the Earbuds from Amazon’s competitors like the Powerbeats Pro and the Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds. Even though there had been no comments from the part of Amazon yet, whether the Echo Buds’ fitness features will be upgraded further in the future, it still has captured the attention of the public.

Going in brief through the sources, we found that the new fitness section included limited options. The Echo Buds app featured an option to track a workout, a fitness profile with space for entering height, and a Workouts heading. It did not have a heart rate monitoring function in this, probably so since this is a test version of the app. As for now, it seems that the fitness tracking functionality of Amazon Echo Buds is limited to step tracking.

Reports are that the fitness tracking feature is the latest addition, as it was not noticed in the previous reviews of the Echo Buds. The feature only appeared in the Alexa app on a review tablet from Amazon and the iPhone of the user, according to the reviews. When paring it with a different phone, the Echo Buds did not show the mentioned fitness features.


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