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Amazon employees in six cities of Germany to go on strike

Amazon employees in six cities of Germany to go on strike

Coronavirus has affected many businesses globally, and the e-commerce giant Amazon hasn’t been left behind in the same. The number of infected people has gone up globally, as several staff members at many of Amazon’s logistics centers have also been infected. It has led to the company’s workers in six cities of Germany to plan to go on strike on Monday as they believe the company is looking at profits and not workers’ health.

The strike that will be held by numerous workers of Amazon has come after dozens of workers of Amazon have been infected with coronavirus and pose a threat to the rest of the workers around them because of the same. Workers demand the company to look after their safety in this challenging and uncertain time. 

It has been declared by the Union holding the strike that around 40 of the logistics workers have been infected with the virus till now. Hence, they wish to conduct a 48-hour strike in the six cities that have been planned, so the motto ‘good and healthy work’ can be brought forward. 

It won’t be the first time that Amazon workers in Germany have taken drastic measures to point to the company. Earlier, they have scheduled strikes for issues like the pay they were receiving and the working conditions. Again, this time the Union is expected to reign with full force but strike peacefully as they always have to ensure that the company understands their point. 

In the months before this, Amazon warehouse workers have walked off their jobs to protest against unsafe working conditions along with many other protests also emerging from their end on the same issue. These protests came after the workers were not notified of employees in the warehouse testing positive for coronavirus. This step may have been followed by Amazon, so no panic is created, but a lot of criticism was received from the workers on this. 

Amazon warehouse workers have highly criticized the company for not notifying them. Still, in addition to this, a suit has also been filed against Amazon by three workers in New York on the same. The suit was filed earlier this month itself, stating that the company has put the workers’ health and their families’ on risk as anyone would have caught the virus through the carrier in their workplace. 

The worker’s concern is a very genuine reason to take such measures as seven Amazon workers have already died since the beginning of the pandemic globally. These deaths have been in the US alone where Amazon warehouses are located. 

The strikes on Monday will be witnessed in Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld, Rheinberg, Werne, and Koblenz, Reuters, where Amazon warehouses are located in these cities. Given, Germany is the second-largest market for Amazon after the United States. This strike will have a significant effect on how the company has dealt with the pandemic till now.

Image source: TheVerge

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