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Amazon jumps into the world of quantum computing through its Amazon Web Services

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Amazon announced that it is launching its new quantum computing service called Amazon Braket. The announcement was made at the AWS re: Invent Conference in Los Vegas today. Amazon says that the Amazon Braket will create an environment to develop and test for developers and researchers, and then you can then run it in a quantum computer. Amazon also unveils two other services, which is the AWS Center for Quantum Computing and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.

Amazon says that the Amazon Braket will create a simulated environment for researchers to build or develop and test your circuits and then run them after in an actual quantum computer. They can work with the actual quantum computers from providers like D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti.

AWS says, “This new service is designed to let you get some hands-on experience with qubits and quantum circuits. You can build and test your circuits in a simulated environment and then run them on an actual quantum computer.“


Amazons’ other quantum computing service announced is the AWS Center for Quantum Computing. The center, which is located near the California Institute of Technology, provides a place for researchers and scientists for experimenting and exploring and for “scientific and technological breakthroughs” in the field of quantum computing. They can find ways to produce quantum computers at comparatively low cost but efficient. And Amazon hopes that it will find ways to build and test quantum computers easily.

The last announced quantum computing service is the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, which provides means for the AWS customers to get more knowledge or educated about the working of the quantum computing service it provides. The AWS customers can consult and clear their doubts regarding the service through The Amazon quantum experts.

The Amazon added in the announcement that it had joked about the launch of Amazons Quantum compute cloud nearly 10 years back. But, it said now that the joke had become a reality. Also, quantum computers can help to develop many than an ordinary computer. The quantum computers will be used for experiments in the field of physics and chemistry; this can not obviously be done by a normal classical computer.

The quantum computer is used for the creation of new drugs and solar panels, build self-driving cars, and build or develop artificial intelligence systems. They can also be used to manage investment portfolios. The tech giants like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and Honeywell are also working on the development and providing services on quantum computing. We have to include companies like Rigetti, IonQ, and D-Wave in this list.

And importantly, IBM and Regetti have already launched quantum computers, and its customers already have cloud access to their quantum computer. Microsoft also plans to launch the cloud access to their quantum computers within a year. Amazon bracket is released but is made available to only selected customers.

As said, the customers can build and test them on Amazon, providing a simulated environment, which is the Amazon Braket. And they can run them after on an actual quantum computer provided by the IonQ, Rigetti computing of the U.S, and Canada’s D-Wave. IBM jumped into quantum computing years ago, which is in 2016 itself. Also, Amazon partner companies like D-Wave and Rigetti has also released its cloud-based offerings.

Microsoft also released its quantum cloud offering last month itself. So, Amazon is the last in this quantum queue. AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides large services to Amazon that is nearly 160, which is from disk storage to satellite control antennas. It first initially launched to provide services to only Amazon. The best services it provided was that it optimizes delivery routes for Amazons delivery vehicles to choose the best and fastest route to deliver packets.

Amazon says, “Amazon Bracket is a fully managed AWS service, with security and encryption baked in at each level.“ Quantum computers are more capable because they’re bits exist has multiple bits instead of simple 0’s (OFF) and 1’s (ON). Google also claimed that it has a quantum computer, which is like the world’s powerful supercomputer 10,000 years. The quantum computer made by Google is the 54-qubit Sycamore quantum computer.

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