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Amazon is giving away $80 Instant Pot Lux 8-quart for just $55, the lowest price ever!

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You don’t need to wait for the black Friday sale to add a new piece of equipment to enhance your cooking skills because Amazon is giving away Instant Pot Lux 80 at the lowest price imaginable. With life transitioning into a fast-paced movie, everyone is looking for ways to save time from everyday mundane activities. One such activity is cooking, and one such way to save time is by using machinery that reduces the effort that is needed to cook a satisfying meal, and one piece of such machinery is Instant Pots.

Instant Pot Lux models are some of the most popular kitchen appliances there are, and expensive too. To keep people interested and in the holiday spirit, Amazon is giving away the Instant Pot Lux 8-quart 6-in-1 model for just $55. The model is generally a pricier piece by the company with a cost of $80. According to the numbers, the price offered by Amazon is the lowest ever, so if you are looking to buy one, then the time is now.

The 8-quart size is the biggest one by Lux and is recommended for a family of six or if you like to host get-togethers. The Instant Pot has three sauté modes (low, medium, high), and provides the customers with Egg and Cake cooking presets. Also, the cooker has Slow Cooker, Rice and Manual Instant Pot modes. It’s basically heaven for people who love to cook.

Taking about in-depth specifications, the Lux 80 has a 1200-watt heating element with 7 preset temperatures. The Pot provides you with 12 microprocessor-controlled smart inbuilt programs to cook various types of recipes. The microprocessor in the Pot helps monitoring and adjusting cooking temperature, pressure, and time to ensure finger-licking food every time on your plate.

The specifications can make the Pot look difficult to use but worry not as the Lux 80 provides you with the option to select recipe categories such as broth, soup, stew, meat, egg, cake, multigrain, and more with just a single touch of buttons. If you are more precise and finicky with your food, then you can also manually set the time, temperature, and pressure. You can even delay the cooking time of your food up to 12 hours, or you can turn the Pot into a food warmer to keep your food warm.

Now coming onto health and safety, the cooker comes with a foo-grade 304 18/18 stainless steel inner cooking pot with no chemical coating to ensure healthy food, and a 3-ply bottom for evenly cooked food. The model is also made to ensure a hassle-free cleaning as the inner pot, lid, and the steam rack are all made to be dishwasher safe.

If you are just starting your cooking adventures and are not sure of the recipes to make, then Alexa is all set to help you. The cooking skill and app provide you with over 750 recipes to choose from, and you can also follow the recipes step-by-step if you have an Alexa-compatible display.

So this holiday season you have the opportunity to dazzle all your friends and family with your cooking skills at a very low price.

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