Fun at work: Amazon makes Warehouse Tasks into Video Games

Amazon Warehouse Video Games Image

It is well known that how tiring it can get to work for hours in a company like Amazon which can eve frustrate the employees and can lessen their will to work. To keep the employees intact and increase their will to work, Amazon has applied a new mantra at its warehouse. This new mantra is known as gamifying or we can say, playing games while working.

No, it doesn’t mean that the workers would be playing video games like Minecraft and as such, but they would rather be playing games to fill the customer’s orders in short span of time. The one who does it at a minimum time would get goodies and many more things. Isn’t it exciting?

According to the latest news, the games are displayed in small screens in the work station of the workers allowing them to see the progress they have made. The games include picking and stowing i.e. to pick the correct item and to stow it in the right place. For each successful move, the workers are given points. While playing these games, the workers are actually doing their work but in a different, more fun, way.

The workers can team up and the team completing first gets the prizes and swag bucks which can be used for buying anything in Amazon. This idea has been put into effort so as to make the working environment a bit more comfortable and enjoyable, meanwhile increasing the work efficiency.

Amazon is not the first company to experiment with the “gamifying” method. Uber and Lyft have already tried this method and have received positive results. Uber has designed missions for the cab drivers like “60 rides per week” or “80 miles per day” and when the drivers complete these missions they are awarded points or goodies.

No doubt this idea has been fruitful for the companies but there are two sides of a coin. This method even has its own side effects. Competing against each other would be wonderful for some time but when the workers start performing less than their colleagues continuously, the mindset of the workers would change and then the graph would come down.

It has been reported that the “play while working” has been started when the workers complained that with the increase in automation in such companies, they feel completely useless and have no work to do while the robots do all the work. To make work more fun, the company started this trend.

While the employees enjoy playing games as a way of working, Amazon is keeping track of all speed and efficiency of the workers through these games and daily goals and there are chances that the underperforming workers would get fired. While gamification has increased interest among most of the workers, it has even reduced the efficiency of some of the workers.

Due to this method, the workers who were listed among the average or underperformer, have greatly improved their performance with the start of “play while working” but it is yet to see that whether this method would last for a longer time or not.

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