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Amazon offers Echo Show 8 at $30 discount even before it is available

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Ahead of the most awaited Black Friday’s sale coming up during the last week of November, Amazon is already offering the Echo Show 8 at a $30 discount. The Echo Show 8 is all set to come on board on November 21. However, the shopping giant has already put it up at a discounted price. This discount would be applicable to all those who have already pre-ordered it.

According to sources, Amazon is offering both the sandstone and charcoal models of Echo Show 8 at a discount of $30, which means that instead of $130, one would need to shell out only $100 in order to own this smart display.

Although it’s been a while, discounts are also available on pre-ordered bundles of Echo Show 8 when purchased along with Echo Show 5. A person desiring to purchase both these products would have to pay only $170 instead of $220 in order to buy them. Likewise, the discount is also applicable when Echo Show 8 is bought along with a Ring Indoor Camera. Both these products, when purchased together, would cost only $160 instead of $190.

People looking forward to setting up an Alexa smart home can make use of the discounts mentioned above. They can even be used to add to an already existing setup along with a security camera.

What does Echo Show 8 come with?
Echo Show 8 comes with a display screen measuring 8-inches. It also contains features from the previous Amazon’s smart Echo Show displays. Its display screen and sound system are quite like the original Echo Show. And its camera shutter and form factor are quite like the Echo Show 5.

The Echo Show 8 also contains a physical slider that can be used to cover the camera lens. If one wishes to disconnect the microphones and the camera from the device electronically, they can do so by simply tapping a button that is set on the device to achieve the purpose.

Echo Show 8 can also be used to achieve the complete power of Alexa via its voice when played on a good quality speaker and the 8-inch display. Show 8 can be used to witness the actual working of a Ring Indoor Camera. It can also be used as a safety measure. When Show 8 is used with the Ring Video Doorbell 2, one can actually see who is standing at the entrance of the house.

For people who had pre-ordered the Echo Show 8 around the end of September, at the time when this discount was decided, the discounted rates will apply for them too. Which means even they get it for $100, instead of $130. This has been confirmed by Amazon.

It is not very common for a product to come with a discount even before it has been launched. And $30 is quite a good amount to be a discount. For people looking out for products which priced even lower, there is Echo Show 5 that is put up at a price of $80, instead of $90. However, for better usage of the product, this can be purchased with a smart plug. Both of these can be bought together at a price of $90 instead of $113 on Amazon.

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