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Amazon patents Home Surveillance Drones Technology to Spy on Customers Property

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It has been a while since Amazon has started its drone delivering services and it has attained quite a success. Amazon has even received a new patent for its drones which would allow the drones for surveillance purpose. So now, is Amazon going to intrude on its customer’s privacy? Let’s find out. 

The new patent of Amazon called “Image creation using geo-fence data” from the US Patent and Trademark Office was received by the company during early June. This new patent from the company has surveillance alerts and action, as stated by the reports. The drones or the UAVs would now be able to check on any customer’s property during the time of delivery and would immediately report any suspicious activity to the nearby help center.

No doubt the drones or the UAVs of Amazon have well intention as can be viewed from the reports for the patent but it also introduces risks regarding the privacy of an individual person and even can have a life in danger. As per news report, the customers would get the images and videos from these drones which would show them the house of the people who are allowed only and not of their neighbors. 

“We take customer privacy very seriously” stated by John Tagle, senior PR manager for Amazon. The statement was given by the manager in order to clear the doubts that the drones would be used to spy and gather information about the customers and would even interfere with the privacy of the customer.

“The patent clearly states that it would be an opt-in service available to the customers who authorize monitoring of their home” added Tagle.

Meanwhile, Sunflower Labs, a startup company based on making home security drones might face some trouble due to the new patent of Amazon. Though Alex Pachikov, the Chief Executive of the Sunflower Labs has some other views regarding the patent.

“I am actually very excited to see this. We’ve long believed that drones are ideally suited for security, and while Amazon’s approach is different from ours, we are happy to see this market validated” says the Chief Executive of the company.

Though there have been certain sections of the patent which have been more specific. “If a window on a property is a broken, and an unknown vehicle is observed outside a house, the probability of an intruder in the house may be high,” was stated by the patent.

The patent also states that the drones would send monitored videos and text alerts to the customers to inform them about any suspicious activities along with informing nearby fire stations and police departments.

The main purpose of the patent is to enhance the drone delivery service of Amazon as said by William Stofega, a drone analyst at IDC. The patent is going to raise a lot of questions and only time will tell whether this decision of Amazon would prove to be in the side of success or failure. The technology can be misused if it falls in the wrong hands and can cause a lot of problems. We can only wait for the results from this experiment which would further tell if the service would be available in the future or not.

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