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Amazon Smart Fridge can Keep an Eye on Nutrition Now

Amazon Smart Fridge can Keep an Eye on Nutrition Now

Amazon is reportedly installing cameras in the refrigerator. The company is rolling out a fridge that can automatically intimate users about low-stock or expiring products. It isn’t surprising, but the sophisticated technology used in the cameras makes it possible. A similar kind of technology is also being used in the cashier-less Amazon Go stores. 

According to an Amazon Insider, this project is internally coded as Project Pulse. It can keep a regulatory track of the refrigeration inventory. Furthermore, it will also profess the products required to be bought based on previous purchasing records.

This isn’t enough; another astonishing feature equipped with this smart feature will tell you about nutritional information. This may help customers to inculcate healthy eating habits. The smart refrigerator will also convey different recipes related to expiring food items. But how beneficial these recipes would be is dicey at present.

The company will also use this product to shoot up its sales from Amazon Fresh and Whole Food. Amazon has never launched any of its products without merging its shopping. Similarly, this refrigerator will allow feasible options and timely notifications to order groceries online from Amazon’s shopping services.

At the same time, the idea of the smart refrigerator with a track on its inventory and nutritional values is not new. Another big company named Samsung had launched a similar product and perhaps with more advanced features. Like an option to make calls, send alerts if the fridge door is left open, posting sticky notes on its digital display, and much more. While compared with Samsung, Amazon may have a better advantage of being involved in its own grocery business. Also, this is not the first time Amazon has entered into its customers’ kitchen. A plethora of Alexa-operated smart devices, microwave ovens, smart speakers, etc., are available in the market. Last month, in September, the company had also launched its first branded TV in the US.

Strangely, the company has not yet officially announced the smart cameras in the refrigerator. Also, an Amazon spokesperson refused to comment on the product officially. But via an Amazon Insider, it is evident that the company is working on this product for the last two years and investing 50 million into it each year. This fridge project is being led by Go stores, which is also responsible for making “just walk out” technology. It is also shared with other partners like Amazon’s Fresh grocery team and the Lab126 hardware unit to develop an advanced final product. 

Also, it is important to note that Amazon itself won’t be manufacturing these physical refrigerators. Rather, it will partner with a home-appliance company and pre-install its technology-based smart cameras and computer software to operate within. There are also rumors of installing Alexa voice assistance, but the company is currently focusing on the technology and its advancement.

With such smart and advanced features, it can be professed that the company will come out with an exorbitant value. But still, customers, who would preferably go to luxurious products are waiting for Amazon to announce and launch this smart refrigerator. Perhaps, this may reduce with an increase in sales in the future. But, simultaneously, the competition will surely increase among other home-appliance companies like Samsung, LG, etc.

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