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Amazon is now launching echo portable smart speakers with in-built battery in India

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Amazon announced that it is adding a new member to the echo series, which is the echo input portable smart speakers today. This is, as of now, only launched in India. It has a special functionality, which is portability added to this series as many people requested for it. The echo portable smart speakers also come with an in-built battery that can be charged.

The Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker edition comes with a 360° sound and is a compact speaker. The special difference between the other echo series and this new one is the in-built battery which can be recharged 11 hours. Amazon says that it has a battery capacity of 4,800mAh. That is, it has a battery life of 11 hours and can work effectively for playing music for up to 10 hours.

The Amazon had been launching nearly 12 devices in a line one after the other in India for the past two years. Miriam Daniel, the vice president of Alexa devices, said, “Portability has been one of the most requested features in India. You want to be able to carry Alexa with you from room to room within your homes. So we have designed something just for you. “


The new echo portable smart speaker edition does not have the feature of adding the device to an existing speaker. This new device has an in-built feature that you can carry from one room to another within your home. This echo portable smart speaker can be connected to the Wi-Fi within the home and can be used. This is a wireless device that can be used to carry Alexa anywhere within the home.

Right now, Amazon Echo input portable smart speaker is available only in India and not anywhere in the West. Amazon did release something similar called Amazon Tap in 2016. But the product did not make sales well as we need to push a switch or button to activate Alexa. Then Amazon discontinued that product last year.

The Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker available for pre-ordering from today that is December 4th. It is available at an introductory price of $70 that is at Indian rupee, 4,900 rupees. And the new device will be available at a regular price at 5,900 rupees that is $84. Amazon focuses on the growing smart world in India and following the success of the previous echo series. It is thus focusing on the large market, which is India, as many are showing interest in the smart devices.

Many Indians are showing interest in buying smart speakers in India. A report shows that nearly 7.53 lakhs smart speakers were sold in the Indian market in 2018 alone. According to the research firm IDC (International Data Corporation), India contributes to the 59% market share with the sale of echo series. The main reason the new device was made portable is due to the request from the Indian customers. Amazon also found that there was a huge demand for fully portable speakers.

Parag Gupta, the head of Amazon Devices India, said, “Customers in India love Alexa, and told us that they wanted a hands-free experience that could move from room-to-room.“ We need to note that, be it the Amazons Echo series or Google’s Home, both of them need to be connected to power supply all the legal time that is none of them is wireless and portable.

This paved a pathway for many vendors like JBLs Link 10 and Link 20 with portability as the main feature, but it supports Google’s assistant. This new Amazon Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker will be useful to all the users who want to carry their speakers while playing music, be it a kitchen or swimming pool. This speaker is water-resistant, so one can take it near the water that is the swimming pool.

In order to respond sharply for a voice command, the speaker has four microphones on top of the device. This will make the response appropriately while playing music. The Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker is in the form of a cylindrical shape. And it also smaller in size with the weight of 445 grams. Amazon also uses a 1.3W speaker in the new echo edition.

The Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker edition has speakers that face downwards, and it has four microphones on top of the device. It has four LED indicators for indicating the battery level near the power button. On one side, it has a USB 2.0 port and a physical power button and also a volume up and down button.

The new Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker edition has all the features of Alexa, such as answering a call, making a call, answering queries, playing music, and also it controlling other smart devices at home. It also as features like paying bills, ordering food, and booking cabs. You can also play music using Bluetooth via smartphone for playing music in the new echo device. It can also be connected to a speaker setup for the best music experience.

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