Amazon under the radar for selling and shipping Expired Food

The entire food industry survives on the lines of the quality and freshness of food. However, Amazon seems to have a different moto in mind. The latest CNBC reports account that Amazon’s third-party sellers are constantly selling tainted food which can cause severe damage to the health conditions of the purchasers.
Perhaps outsourcing the food services to the third party did not serve to be such a wonderful idea.

The long-expired food included products such as brownies and Teavana goods, which were long discontinued back in 2017. At least 40% of sellers have been complaining regarding the same according to recent findings. In fact, if multiple sellers intend to sell the same product, then one never knows who to blame for the contamination of food.

Despite being the third party, the seller needs to follow the Amazon policies and Amazon will need to make a strict check on whether the sellers maintain the quality. The amazon policies state the shelf life of food to be least 90 days. Infact Amazon Spokesperson claims that the products sold on the website along with those marked not for resale should act according to the Amazon laws and policies and provide an expiration date to amazon. However, no strict check implied upon these policies that whether sellers are strictly following them or not. The rules and regulations have been added to the company prospectus post-human reviews and AI studies.

Expire food still makes its way into the market. One of the leading brands of chips Hot & Spicy Doritos has faced numerous negative reviews that the chips were stale and would expire in the course of short duration.

Another one of Amazon’s food supplies of Fuji water has been reviewed by users to have received tap water in fuji bottle. An Amazon client was furious when she received a box of Land O’ Lakes Half & Half creamers which were long past the expiry date. Angie Atkinson claims that ‘It didn’t occur to me that you could even sell something that was expired”. Another client realised that her brownies were expired a year ago after having eaten one already. She contacted the company; however, the issues were never resolved.

Amazon states that they have hired highly trained employees for robust and high-quality products. The company assures guaranteed customer services and strict actions to be taken in regards to customers who tend to have complaints regarding any product or service offered by Amazon. The recent complaints raised by the Amazon users have generated spotlight upon the company by regulators and lawmakers. This scenario is definitely not beneficial for a huge brand such as Amazon itself.

Due to the same queries and issues related to consumer safety, three democratic senators sent a letter to the CEO Jeff Bezos post the wall street journal report. Each and every step which was taken by the big firm is now under review. One of the former Amazon employees claims that Amazon is working towards finding solutions to the food security issue; however, there remain gaps, as it is a huge task to manage such a huge firm. In order to tackle and inflict the self-correcting mechanism in Amazon, it would definitely take a while to happen.

On the other hand, the food sellers who seem to be genuine also suffer due to the stigma, which is now attached to the amazon brand itself. Their avenues which passed the path that was led by Amazon have been closed. It is up to Amazon whether to make the path remains closed forever or just a temporary storm which will pass by.

It is not too late to take back the control and reclaiming the image that was once present in the market. The company CEO assures that “We want to make sure that you’re shopping for our product, it’s not something that will hurt you”. They also are claiming to make sure that the products purchased by the customers will now reach to there assigned destination through an approved, regulated channel.


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