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Amazon’s Alexa can now use ‘Long-form’ speaking style to read news

Amazon’s Alexa can now use ‘long-form’ speaking style to read news

Developers that are keen on creating apps that can deliver content by AI have a bit of a surprise for them. Amazon’s Alexa has come up with a new update, that provides developers with a new trick to incorporate in their apps. As well all know, Alexa is a highly advanced AI model by Amazon, but it had a few glitches like text-to-speech. With the new update, the Alexa Voice Assistant can now read long texts with a few pauses here and there when paragraphs are being changed.

You can go through the sample provided by the company on their official website and compare it with the neutral setting that is available for every current Alexa model. The update has been made in such a way that Alexa can easily read blog posts and long news pieces without sounding monotonous. The AI is smart enough to distinguish sentence changes, phrase change, punctuation marks and will also take breaks between every paragraph change.

For developers who have been working on apps that enable people to listen to podcasts while working on their household chores, or in the kitchen, prefer listening to the news piece rather than reading one are in for a treat. Using the new Alexa’s text to speech update, a developer can easily incorporate it with the new style. The AI is programmed in such a way that it will insert naturally sounding pauses between paragraphs as well as dialogues. 

Amazon has truly created a massive achievement. The AI can even distinguish between characters that are speaking on different dialogues and will read them out to you very clearly and naturally. It is almost as if a human is interacting with you. 

For Amazon Alexa, this new update is only available in the English Standard language. No other language can be found for now. But there is nothing to be disappointed yet, as Amazon will soon release this new update with more language capabilities that will cater to different kinds of people worldwide. Another important thing mentioned by Amazon was that despite this new update being available in only the English language, the Polly AWS AI service which is very similar to this could also support more than 29 languages, and it can also use news conversation and can adapt to news speaking styles.

The new Polly has also come up with some more added languages like US Spanish, Canadian and French. Almost 10 more new languages have been added to it. So, for developers that are not keen on waiting for the update to come in other languages apart from English in the Alexa, you can choose to go for the Polly AWS.

You can find more about this new update and information related to it through the Twitter handle of Alexa Developers where they have provided a link to it that will provide you with a detailed tour around the new update. 

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