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‘Amazon’s Essential’ Shipping Policy Delivers almost every Single Product

‘Amazon’s Essential’ shipping policy delivers almost every single product

With the rise of the pandemic COVID-19, and the lockdown is taking place all over the world to stop the spread. It didn’t come as a surprise when the popular online shopping site Amazon announced to stop the delivery or delay the delivery of ‘non-essential’ items. For people who have no idea what essential items are, it simply means your basic needs that are required to live a life in quarantine such as food, grocery, toilet paper, toiletries, medicines, and much more.

The decision made sense as Amazon promised to deliver products falling under the ‘essential’ items as people in quarantine do require food, drinks, and clothes along with house supplies and medicines. But, it has come into the radar that products listed under the technology subcategory of Amazon have also come under the ‘essential items.’ Products like the Echo speakers, Fire TV, Ring Doorbell and much more that are the products of Amazon Company itself, are being delivered to doorstep sooner than expected and almost immediately compared to the products by their competing companies.

Most of the products by competing companies of Amazon have been delayed at most to the end of April. Still, the company has been delivering immediately to the doorstep of its customers, its technological products.

The delivery of products to your doorstep is a long procedure, and it requires more than a day or two to dispatch a product to the nearest warehouse to your location. Amazon started suspending its non-essential delivery of items by the beginning of March. There was a subsequent delay seen in the delivery of items after this announcement was made, which is obvious because of the current health crisis. 

There is a possibility that Amazon stockpiled its warehouses with its products like technological items, but the other competing companies did not receive the chance to do the same for all the categories of products available in the Amazon shopping site. As Amazon had already stockpiled its warehouses near key-locations, the company is now able to dispatch and deliver its ‘non-essential’ technological items immediately to the doorstep of the buyer in one day itself.

All of the products belonging to Amazon will be shipped within one day and delivered immediately. In contrast, the products belonging to competing companies will not even be available for dispatch up to a month or longer. Amazon’s Fire TV is getting delivered in a day or two, but the Roku boxes to go along with it, will not be delivered for at least a week. 

Some other relatable examples of shipping essentials are the products that belong to brands that have been bought by Amazon in the long run. In case you wish for a video doorbell, Amazon will ship the Ring Doorbell immediately to you. There are other doorbells as well belonging to companies like Eufy and Arlo, which are being termed as ‘non-essential’ items and will not be available for delivery till the end of the lockdown or quarantine imposed upon the people of the country.

Budget Cameras in Amazon by Ring and Blink is also available to be shipped immediately, but popular brands like Next and Wyze are unavailable. 

Apart from this, there are some categories of products that belong to different companies but are still available as ‘essential items’ in Amazon, such as tablets, headphones, and some more. The reason behind that is because people need it to work from home. Amazon surely had a suspicious advantage over other companies to get all its products stockpiled in the warehouse much before it announced the suspension of delivery of ‘non-essential’ items. The most curious and suspicious being the fact that all of the products belonging to Amazon are termed as ‘essential’ and none of it as ‘non-essential’. 

Whether the steps taken by Amazon have been done on purpose, a coincidence, or simply a strategy to gain an advantage over its competitors is still unknown. On asking for comment about the situation, Amazon was not available, and they did not respond to any emails.
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