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Amazon’s Luna to Arrive on iOS, Users Wonder if it would Flout App Store Rules

Amazon's Luna to arrive on iOS, users wonder if it would flout App Store rules.

Amazon has just announced a few Echo products that are all set to arrive soon. Along with these products, a new cloud gaming service named “Luna” is also slated to come sometime around the end of this year. Amazon states that Luna would be compatible with Windows, Mac, Fire TV, and Android devices, to name a few. However, an interesting thing to note here is that this cloud gaming service would also be accessible via the iPhone and iPad. 

Luna would bring along with it about 100 games or even more. These would include famous game titles like Resident Evil 7, Control, Panzer Dragoon, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and The Surge 2. Many more such titles would be joining these going further. Owing to a partnership with Ubisoft, Luna users would have the privilege to access an exclusive gaming channel with Assassins Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6 and Immortals Fenyx Rising. Games on the Luna platform for a few specific titles can run at a resolution of up to 4K 60fps. These games are completely powered via Amazon Web Services. 

Amazon has stated that Luna would be arriving on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, taking many by surprise. As Verge reports, Luna games would arrive on iOS in the form of web-based apps. However, so far, there is no clarity about how this entire thing would be functioning on iOS. 

Sometime earlier this month, Apple had put forth the App Store’s latest guidelines pertaining to game streaming services. The new rules suggested that streaming game services would only be allowed on the condition such as every game is converted into an app by its developer. The same should be provided to the App Store as an exclusive game app wherein it is complying with all the required guidelines. 

The tech giant has also made it clear that developers who do not wish to comply with the App Store guidelines may offer their games in web apps. However, web apps may not have all the features found in a native app and could have some limitations. 

Apple’s guidelines that it had put out with respect to streaming games is as follows:

“Streaming games are permitted so long as they adhere to all guidelines — for example, each game update must be submitted for review, developers must provide appropriate metadata for search, games must use in-app purchase to unlock features or functionality, etc. Of course, there is always the open Internet and web browser apps to reach all users outside of the App Store.”

Users will have to wait and watch to find out if the Luna cloud gaming service arrives as a web app on iOS to skip the App Store guidelines or whether every game would be launched as a separate app, going by the option provided by Apple. In case these games arrive as web apps, one needs to see how the game would work and from where it can manage all its sensors and controls since web apps do not have access to these parameters, which normal apps tend to have. 

Although a little absurd, it may be possible that Amazon and Apple have had a discussion and reached a settlement for the Luna service to arrive on the App Store. Very recently, there was a report regarding Apple’s opposition to Google Stadia, which is very much similar to Luna, on its platform. Apple and Amazon have already reached a deal for streaming the Amazon Prime Video on the App Store and the Apple TV app. 

Amazon Luna will be available initially for $5.99 a month. However, this is only an introductory price. US citizens may get early access to this service on request. However, it is not known as to when Amazon Luna will reach other countries. Only Amazon would be able to comment on this. 

Image source: TheVerge

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