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Android 10 Rolls Out to Motorola Razr with Advanced Features and Show.

Android 10 rolls out to Motorola Razr with advanced features and show.

The new Innovative technology from Motorola Razr has launched a modern age smartphone during the centre of a formidable revolution going on in the current era. Not only hardware, but the software also has more benefits in this new form of factor. That’s why they have built a state-of-the-art mobile interface with an original Easy View show, enabling you to connect with your phone differently. 

The $1,500 foldable baffling Razr is launched with Android 9 Pie in February. The promised Android 10 update is now rolling out to the Motorola Razr, adding a lot of new features to make the Easy View display outdoors more efficient. This “Android 10 Razr update” begins with the ability to swipe left from Easy View to see and dial a list of your favourite contacts, while you can also use a dialer to enter a number by hand. In the meantime, the Selfie camera is opened by a swipe in the opposite direction.

Razr owners enjoy the convenience, simplicity, and capacity of Razr to hold it without taking it out. Today’s more significant update sees Motorola completely revamping the experience of the notifications. For select applications, you now have access to a limited, but full-colour notification panel. The update to Android TM 10 by Razr offers a seamless new look while greatly enhancing and extending the functionality of the Easy View display, offering an unprecedented foldable experience based on customer feedback. Here are a few cited examples –

Quicker ways to stay in touch

You can contact your favourite person or a person always on your dialled list by just swiping out. Messaging also became easier with the new Quick View keyboard to the messages from the most common messaging apps. 

Different ways to grab a Selfie

Android has now extended its front-facing Quick View camera of Razr for selfies, even more, camera modes such as Group Selfie, Portrait Mode, Spot Color, etc. Access your camera by a single swipe. When closing and unlocking your Razr, open the camera by swiping to the right or by using Fast Capture with a wrist twist. 

More apps to the tips of your fingers

With AndroidTM 10, the company has delivered more flexibility and compatibility with the applications that you most use. From the Easy View window, you can now access Google Maps for navigation. Also, you can easily access your favourite music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music and Pandora. And while we are speaking of more options, you can also now use the Easy View display with new themes.

They have already set the bar on a foldable computer for external displays, but now the company is pushing it even higher. As they push the technological limits with foldable apps, they have continued to focus and develop the experience for the most responsive, pleasant experience possible on the Easy View show. AndroidTM 10 starts rolling out today, May 11th, on Razr globally. Keep waiting for availability in your area.

Legal Disclaimers 

Currently, the features are only available in the US, with app updates planned to be available in countries outside the US sometime in May 2020.

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