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Android Phones with Dual Cameras will See a Better AR Performance

Google Increases AR Performance For Android Phones With Dual Cameras

Google is going to update its AR performance on Android phones, as stated recently. The tech giant is planning on doing this so that Android phones with dual cameras would easily capture more information. The AR app of Google in Google Play Services, now states “Dual camera stereo depth on supported devices” in its features.

We found that the updated AR features will be available only on Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL when we researched for a while. The features won’t be available on Pixel 5. The tech giant is testing the features on the Pixel 4 first to see whether it works perfectly or not. However, Google has provided a list of the devices compatible with the new AR features that will soon be available for the public eye.

The main question here is, why did Google not include Pixel 5 with the new benefits? The reason is that the second camera of Pixel 5 is not a normal camera but an ultrawide camera, and Google is updating the features on twin cameras.

Once the update is done, we would be able to see the performance of the cameras. Augmented reality had already taken over the market in 2019 when the game Pokémon Go came into view. With the new AR features, the Pixel 4 would capture details that are not easily seen with the naked eye.

We know how Google likes to experiment with its phones and tries to provide unique features to them. The same feature is in Pixel 4, where, instead of a wide-angle camera, the tech-giant installed a telephoto lens in the phone. Before that, Google only installed a single camera on Pixel 3 and added features like the Super Res Zoom. No doubt, these features were quite unique and popular, but they were nowhere compared to the iPhone 11’s camera quality. 

To beat Apple, Google added an ultrawide lens in its next model, Pixel 5, which was quite a success. But, meanwhile, most of the smartphones in the market already had the lens. Besides that, the tech-giant was still using Sony IMX363 12.2 MP primary sensor for the cameras. But, even with the 12.2 MP camera, the quality of the picture was clearer than most of the smartphones in the market. 

The Pixel 4 also has the Super Res Zoom on both the cameras, and now it would have the AR updates too. Will it be fun? Yes, it would be fun to see the camera’s quality increasing and the in-depth details that the phone can capture.

However, users who do not own a Pixel 4 will not enjoy the features that Google is going to provide soon. Even if you have Pixel 5, you won’t get the features, which is a bit bothersome. However, if the tech-giant succeeds in its attempt, maybe the AR features will be available in the Pixel 5 and all the upcoming devices.

Image Source: TheVerge

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