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Android to Release Call Recording Feature but it may be Region Restricted

Android to release call recording feature but it may be region restricted

During the start of this year, it was revealed by an APK Teardown that Google is working on releasing a new feature on Android that will allow the phone to record calls directly through the phone app itself. These were just mere speculations until XDA developers posted that the company might have already released this update in some of its Nokia phones in India. The news was confirmed when Google released a document on its official site that guided people on how to use their phones to record calls directly. 

This document is no longer available on their website as it has been taken down, but some leading news portals have already taken a screenshot of the document and are proof enough for us. The Google Support page also says that to be able to use the new call recording feature, the phone must be updated to a version of Android 9 or more. The phone must also be updated with the latest version of the phone app. But that is not all. The phone must also be in a region or country that is supported for the version to run.

The support document posted by Google did not particularly specify what those countries and regions are, nor did it specify what those supported devices are. But the document was clear enough to understand, in order to record a call, all that the user needs to do is open the phone app while making a call and clicking on the record button. As soon as the user has clicked it, the phone will start recording the call from both ends. It does seem very easy to do.

The company has also made sure that when a user is on the verge to record his first call and clicks on the record button, he or she will be displayed with a pop up that will hold them for complying with the local laws of call recording.

The pop up reads, “When you start recording, the other party hears a disclosure informing them that the call is being recorded. When you stop recording, the other party hears a disclosure informing them that the call recording has ended”.

The document further tells the user that he or she cannot record a call if the user at the other end has not picked up the call. Also, no recording will occur if the phone is on mute or hold. The company also has not provided any support to record calls that occur at a conference.

The recordings made by you will be stored on the local storage of your phone and not in the cloud database. Hence, if you wish to access it, all you have to do is go to the phone app and tap on Recents. From there, choose the name of the person whose recordings you wish to access. You can view the recordings, listen to them, and delete or share them directly from the app. The sharing option is available for both emails as well as third party messaging apps.

The Google Company has not released any official date on when its customers will see this update on their phone. But with various users from India already accessing it and having the feature on their phone, along with Google providing the support document on their website, but later deleted it. It can be safe to assume that the company will soon be rolling out the update for all its users worldwide, and it is still in the testing phase. 

The call record feature was one of the most demanded features by Android users for a long time, as no matter what third party recording apps could never deliver the quality that users expect at this era of technology. With this new update by Google, Android users all across the world are surely going to be pleased.

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