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Another Delay in the Fortnite Event and New Season by Epic

Another delay in the Fortnite event and new season by Epic

Another season of Fortnite is delayed by Epic games once again, along with the next event that was supposed to be held on June 6th. The one-time event to be held on the date was called Device, and it has now been moved to June 15th. Soon after, players can expect Chapter two of season three, which will be featuring a flooded map. Many gamers have been disappointed with the constant delays, but everyone is understandable about the current situation in the US.

The delay of the Device event has been the recent unfolding of events related to George Floyd’s death. The ongoing anti-racism protests pushed the publishers towards delaying the event for a while. It was planned to be an end of season live event in April, but delays have occurred thrice now although the company plans to launch both the event and the season as soon things are back on track.

The police officer connected with George Floyd’s death has now been charged with second-degree murder, and the other cops involved in the scene are also facing charges of aiding a second-degree murder. The outrage that has come from the general public has led to making this decision quicker than, in most cases, commendable. 

Other companies like Sony and EA have also postponed their gaming events in light of the ongoing protests. A PS5 event planned for June 4th has been delayed now, and the new date hasn’t been released by Sony yet. Google was also supposed to unveil new features in the android 11 today, but the company has decided to postpone that for now. 

Epic has written in a blog post about how recent events are a reminder of the injustice that is a part of our society still. The company stands against the denial of basic human rights to people of color. The statement in the blog post included Epic empathizing with the entire community that is experiencing these unfair incidences and hence has decided to delay its upcoming events like the Device. 

Epic says that their team is eager to move Fortnite forward, but their belief in equality and justice is above everything, including politics. They are looking forward to balancing season three in time to focus on themselves, their families, and the community for the time being. 

Season three launch date has been pushed by Epic several times already for various reasons that keep coming up. The original launch was planned to be on May 1st, but it was later moved to June 4th and now to June 11th. The next news of the event can be expected only when there is a change in the current protest situation. Till then, the released dates will be the launch dates for the event and the new season for the Epic game.

Image source: TheVerge

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