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Another Step Down for Apple now Samsung is the World’s Top Smartphone Manufacturer

Another Step Down for Apple now Samsung is the World’s Top Smartphone Manufacturer

Samsung is back to the number one position as the top smartphone manufacturer at a global level during Q3. With this development, Huawei has moved to the second spot, according to reports that have come in from IDC, Counterpoint, and Canalys. The details have surfaced above after Samsung provided details regarding its quarterly revenue earnings. According to the report, Samsung has recorded one of the highest revenue figures than it has ever recorded before, during the third quarter of 2020. For this, the company gives credit to the increased sale of its smartphones, owing to its increasing demand. 

During this period, Samsung has reportedly recorded a whopping 80.4 million shipments of its smartphones. This figure is up by 2.9% when calculated on an annual basis. In India, the biggest smartphone market for Samsung, the growth was up by almost 40%. That was attributed to the high online sales of its M-series devices.

During the previous quarter, Huawei ranked number one in being the highest smartphone maker across the world. The same was attributed to the increased sale of smartphones in China compared to the other parts of the world, as many countries were reeling under the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was obvious then that sales were yet to pick up in other regions of the world, excluding China.

However, Counterpoint now reports that Huawei’s shipments were down by 7% for every quarter, when calculated every quarter. Going by the calculations done for an entire year, this figure was down by almost 24% for Huawei compared to the previous year, states Counterpoint. 

However, these analytical reports have brought about some pleasant news for Xiaomi, which has overtaken Apple to grab the third spot in the world’s biggest smartphone makers. Xiaomi’s shipment sales reported a growth of about 46% when calculated on an annual basis. And during the second quarter, Apple’s shipments were down by 7% compared to the previous year at the same time. It had to be the case since many of Apple’s phones have been pushed for a release to either October or November. 

As Research Analyst Abhilash Kumar points out, “Xiaomi reached its highest-ever shipments at 46.2 million units in Q3 2020. In China, Xiaomi’s struggle for growth ended, and shipments were up 28% YoY and 35% QoQ. This impressive show by Xiaomi in China was driven by a series of campaigns and promotions during the brand’s decennial celebrations in August. Also, in new markets like LATAM, Europe and the MEA, Xiaomi’s share expanded rapidly at the expense of Huawei amid US-China trade sanctions. The brand is also performing well in Southeast Asian markets like Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.”

While Apple is at the fourth spot, the fifth, sixth, and seventh spots have been taken by the BBK brands, namely-Oppo, Vivo, and Realme. According to Counterpoint, Oppo stands at number five. The same is not true for IDC and Canalys, who have given Vivo the fifth spot. However, all three global technology market analyst firms agree that there is not much difference between the three smartphone makers’ shipment figures. If individually, the shipments of Oppo, Vivo, and Realme are added, then the total shipment value of these three firms reach quite close to that of Samsung’s.

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