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Anti-Drone Technology Drone Sentinel Could Help Track Rogue Drones Near Airports

Anti-drone technology DroneSentinel could help track rogue drones near airports

Drones have become an integral part of the technology we have at our disposal today, but they have also been known to cause disruptions for others around them. Drone disruptions are a key area that airports around Europe have been recently dealing with. Many flights have been canceled while airports have been shut down for days because of the rogue drones spotted around them.

One of the most significant drones caused shutdown was in 2018 when London’s Gatwick Airport was closed for three days. Thousands of flights were canceled during this time. Suspected drones were spotted near the runway, which affected many stakeholders at the time.

Similarly, many other airports like Heathrow and Frankfurt have had to close for hours because of rogue drones being spotted around the airport. It is a great deal of concern because drones coming in contact with aircraft can lead to engine failure. 

Although, with a new anti-drone technology that has come to light, the situation can be dealt with. The use of the new technology can help in the seamless operation of airports even when drones are spotted nearby. 

DroneShield, an Australian company, has created the system that would help in monitoring rogue drones. Their system is called DroneSentinel and is designed to detect any rogue drones that might be present nearby, even before they enter the space around the airport. This early detection can help airports function without having to shut down for hours. 

The anti-drone technology is equipped with a geofence that the system creates for around 8 km. This Geofence is what tracks the drones even before they make way into the airport airspace. The system also reports the exact location of the drone through a satellite map.

DroneSheild has been able to develop one solution for all problems caused by drone disruption near airports. They have an add-on called the DroneGun as well, which can block the RF communication between the drone’s operator and the drone. It would cause the drone to land immediately or go back to base. In this case, the drone doesn’t even come close to the airspace of the airport. The DroneGun and the DroneSentinel could together form a good package to help solve the problems airports are facing in Europe. 

DroneSentinel is being tested right now at an unknown European airport, and it seems to be a great time to test the system because of the traffic being low. In high-traffic days it would have been not easy to test the system. If it proves effective for the airport, then chances are more airports around Europe would have this system being installed. 

It is only wise to test the system before deployment because anti-drone technology contracts go up to millions in the making, before spending that amount of money best to test the technology’s effectiveness at disposal.

While drones are causing disruptions around airports, many are also testing them to help carry various things around the airport.

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