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Recent update of Apex Legends proves to be a tough rival for Fortnite

Apex Legends new update proves to be a tough rival for Fortnite Image

Fortnite has been known to rule the Battle Royale and till now, no other game has been able to beat that. But, Apex Legend has somehow found the way to beat the giant and take its place. The new update of Apex Legend has made it the highest game with around million players in just 8 hours, which is a record in itself. The new features like Respawn’s new gunplay, flexible player movement and the free-to-play were some of the reasons for the success of Apex Legends’ update.

The update has hit Fortnite hard, where it would hurt the most. According to stats, Fortnite experienced a decline of 52% more than last year, which is quite a lot. In 2018, Fortnite was one of the most famous games and had around 75% more profit than its rivals. This year, the tables have turned. 

Another reason which might have led to the loss of Fortnite is the new map that Apex Legends has introduced. No doubt, Fortnite has made changes in the maps every year but all in vain. The changes were small and did not interest the players. Battle Royale is a complex game, the players have to play the same matches with their competitors and with the same map every now and then, it becomes quite predictable. Same maps can give a benefit but they would even bore the players. This is where Apex Legends took its chance and introduced the Edge of the World map. The new map is what one would say, prove to be a golden egg for Apex Legends which bought success to the game.

No doubt, Fortnite has the best visuals and graphics, on which Apex legends still has to work a lot. Fortnite had also introduced the “Creative Mode” recently which allows the users to create their own modes for the game. Though it might seem interesting it is not a large part of the map of the game and thus cannot be enjoyed at a large scale.

Apart from that, Apex Legends has certain in-game features like sliding down the hill being mandatory for the players, no fall damage, ziplines and even the appearance of the station where the team members can meet and can play the game with additional features.

The free-to-play feature was something that many players were looking forward to. The updated version arrived on the 30th of September and there was a huge jam for the players trying to get hold of the game. Those who had pre-ordered the game were able to take benefit of the game before the 30th of September. Most of the players only got around 15 minutes to play the game before the server got down.

According to sources, the free-to-play feature was something that was made to attract even school kids so that even they could play the game without any high internet speed. However, the thing to notice here is that what would be the next move of Fortnite? Whatever it would be, it should in a manner that would help the giant take its place back.

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