Apple Accents Apps to help families Manage Autism in Children during Coronavirus

The world celebrated Autism Acceptance Day, also known as World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2020. Apple has highlighted a number of apps at just the right moment when thousands of families struggle to deal with kids who are autistic. These are neuro-diverse children who have several problems dealing with everyday life while talking and interacting.

These days, children have been confined to their homes, and there is hardly anything that parents can do to engage the children at home. Thus, it gets very difficult to maintain children whose normalcy has been interrupted. Autistic children find their daily activities interrupted.

Autism is a developmental disorder, also called autism spectrum disorder. This disorder affects the neurological balance of people affected, and this impairs the ability to interact and communicate. It impacts the nervous system and affects the overall cognitive and emotional health of the individual who has been affected. The social and physical health of the individual is seriously affected.

Proloquo2Go is one of the apps highlighted by the tech giant. The app includes 100 text-to-speech voices for people who have difficulty communicating with others. The app is supported in a plethora of languages and many children’s voices.

The current coronavirus lockdown has severed the normalcy to a big extent. Autistic children and adults who loved to go out, walk and the cycle cannot just do that anymore. The schedule has been derailed. Such schedules must be replaced with other engaging activities to keep the students engaged.

Simple steps, like using visual calendars and simplifying the process through sustained communication, can be an effective tool. Yet others are the apps that are helpful in their unique ways. The above app also supports bilingual communication. It is an effective tool for parents to teach their kids and build vocabulary. The app works by engaging the persons’ motor skills and assigning a symbol to a word.

There are grid patterns, as well. Another app is the Procreate design app. This amazing app lets users sketch and paint whenever they wish to. Many children love to doodle, and the app will make sure that it gives you hundreds of options and a wide range of layering ideas to animate and create. The app is for all and sundry, and the people using it do not need to be a pro since no matter what, this is not a test.

This painting and sketching app is available for a sum of $ 10 to be used on the iPhone and iPad. Many apps provide such fun exercises to kids. To be synced with any Apple Music library or Spotify premium account, there is another app by the name Skoog. You can play a range of instruments and play your favorite songs along the course of it.

It is very important that the motor areas of kids, as well as adults stranded in the time of lockdown, are utilized and engaged to the maximum. Thankfully, there is no dearth of such apps. You can get all these apps on iOS as well as on Android.
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