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‘Apple Glass’ might have user’s physiological state measuring Sensors

Apple Glass may have sensors for measuring physiological state of the user

As Augmented reality becomes a key aspect of technology that we see today, Apple seems to be moving in the right direction towards becoming the big change that alters how we see AR today. ‘Apple Glass’ is the rumored product that is supposed to be the wave that brings in the change in how we have used our devices till now.

‘Apple Glass’ or any other product on similar lines that comes into the market through apple featuring prospects of AR would be huge for the customers and the filed itself. One can’t expect anything less than great from Apple.

For years, Apple has done many patents for head-mounted displays, and the proposed ‘Apple Glass’ would be no different. We might or might not see the product being practically used, but it is possible for AR glasses to become a reality, as displayed by Apple’s efforts towards the product.

There is a lot of speculation going around what the ‘Apple Glass’ might feature or what all it would be able to do. As suggested by many sources, it won’t be just something that provides information to the user but will have an add on like being able to register the user’s physiological signs and generate the display accordingly.

It is believed that the head-mounted display product would be able to detect your heart rate or body temperature going up and create a display that prevents you from seeing whatever might be causing those physiological changes. It would be based entirely on what the glasses can sense about the user at the moment.

A serious reference has been drawn, which is as imagined by Douglas Adams in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is expected that the head-mounted device that Apple is planning to create would be able to sense when the user might be alarmed because of the imagery or reality in front of him/her. In this case, they would turn the visibility black by completely shutting off the user’s alarming sight.

Despite all speculations around what the ‘Apple Glass’ might carry, a report has come that there hasn’t been any mention of a head-mounted display with a facial interface that can detect physiological conditions, in a patent that was done by Apple earlier this week.

There might not be any direct mention of the features, but the proposal for the glasses that have gone forward does highlight that the device would first register the wearer’s physiological state. This has been followed by acting on the gathered information of the user’s state and then changing the imagery on the display panel of the glass.

It has been revealed that the 10000-word patent application and proposal for the ‘Apple Glass’ details the noting of the user’s physiological state when the device is used but doesn’t say much on the use of this particular data. What it means now is only known to the investors that this application has been forwarded to.

Image Source: Apple Insider

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