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Apple Granted Patent for Creating Social Distancing Group Selfies

Apple Granted Patent For Creating Social Distancing Group Selfies

The pandemic has caused a lot of problems, and we are surely going to face more problems after the pandemic is over. Not only will it be difficult to meet someone in person, but we also won’t even be able to click selfies with other people. While people are worrying about the post-pandemic effect, Apple has introduced a solution from its side.

Apple has introduced new software which will help you in clicking selfies without getting in contact with each other. No, it is not a wide-angle camera, it’s a software that will do the work. The software is designed so that you can click a picture and then it would stitch it with your friend’s pictures and form a big nice selfie.

Though it may sound more like an editing app, it is not. The software will form a selfie out of the pictures and will make them appear as one. However, Apple has already granted a patent for the software and has claimed it as its own.

“The synthetic group selfie can be stored as a multi-resource object that preserves the individual selfie images so that the user who created the synthetic group selfie or the recipient of the synthetic group selfie can modify the arrangement of the individual selfies within the synthetic group selfie,” says the patent.

With the help of the software, you can click a picture and can even retake it and send it to the person who invited you to the synthetic group selfie. You can even decline the request if you do not want to be part of the group selfie.

After the person who has sent the invitation, gets all the selfies, the software will merge them, place them in the background and make them appear as a normal selfie. However, only the Apple device users can use this feature and no one else. 

Though Apple has received the patent, it depends upon the company when and how to use it. Apple can use it in new iPhones, iPads or other new Apple devices. There are also chances that Apple might not introduce this feature in previous versions of iPhones, thus attracting the users to buy a new iPhone.

Only time will tell us the intentions about Apple regarding the usage of the synthetic group selfie. In such times, when the world is almost on the verge of ending, Apple discovered a way to keep the connections right. But will people buy this? Will people accept this software, or will they decline it? We can know the answers only after the pandemic is over. When will the pandemic get over? We still don’t know the answer.

However, tech companies are trying to keep us entertained through their new products and features. This particular patent will be the new future of group selfies, which people might use after the pandemic is over. Since meeting people will be impossible. This particular software will help the people in getting a nice group selfie.

Image source : Engadget

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