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All new iPad Pro could come with a rear triple camera array

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According to some news, the new iPad Pro might come with a triple camera on the rear side which would be quite similar to that of the new iPhone which is confirmed to have the triple camera on the back. Camera, pictures, clarity, and high resolution: one of the factors that can have an impact on the decision of buying a phone or not. A phone with all the best features with a good camera is being preferred mostly by the people rather than a phone with good features but a normal camera. When it comes to camera quality of the phone, iPhone and iPads have been praised the most.

The iPad Pro, if the reports from the Mac Otakara are true and the company is planning on improving the camera quality, might have the said feature while the normal iPad of 10.2-inch would be having a dual-camera system. Apple had already released the update of iPad mini and iPad Air earlier this year and is still about to add some more features in the updated version of iPad and iPad Pro, which is said to happen later this year. The updated version may even consist of the new camera system which has been known form the Mac Otakara reports, which states the diagrams of the devices from the company itself and, as it is seen, the iPad Pro is getting a bigger camera array.

Apart from this, there are rumors that the new iPhone 11 would also have the same camera system, which means the iPhone would have a triple camera array system and that too in the rear side of the device. Also, the 6th generation iPad would be having a dual-camera system which was seen in iPhone 11 LCD model; all these models would be launched by late October which means they would be on sale by the first week of November and can be purchased from the Apple online and offline stores.

While most of the recent iPhone models have been found to have a dual-camera system, the same cannot be said for the tablets of the company. Only the latest iPad Pro has a single camera with a 12-megapixel sensor. If the information is true, then soon the iPads would be having the triple camera system which would be highly welcomed by the customers.

The recent models of iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad have an 8-megapixel sensor which is comparatively less than that of iPad Pro. Apart from being famous for its camera quality and clarity, iPhones are also known for the processor and the smooth working of the device. The iPads are also known for the same.

While other companies are busy in creating more new features so as to make the device smoother and fast, Apple has already crossed that level and has set the benchmark for others. For now, the company is improving its camera, which was already good, so that the customers can find something new in every model.

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