iPhone XR experimenting with more vibrant colors, Mint Green and Lavender enter the house

With a successful year, iPhone XR is rumored to continue its experimenting with vibrant colors in 2019 as well. The iPhone XR was already famous for giving a variety of options in colors to its customers. Earlier, the phone had black, white, gold, red, yellow, coral and blue. It was the first phone in the iPhone X series to experiment with such colors. The new colors that are said to come in this year are lavender and green substituting the earlier coral and blue.

The iPhone XR 2019 model is going to substitute the iPhone XR 2018 model with some new hues and maybe even new features. Mac Otakara has already said that the new iPhone XR would have the lavender and green colors, during an interview. Though it is still unknown how the colors were decided by the company.

The iPhone XR is no doubt one of the most affordable phones in the X series, it also comes with a number of features that the buyer can avail. The new model of iPhone XR would only have new colors. The phone would still have a high-quality camera, powerful battery life and would even have the same appearance as its predecessor with a 6.1-inch screen with notch display and a slim look. Though it is heard that the new iPhone XR would even have the new A13 processor, which is also expected to be in the iPhone 11 series.

No doubt the experimenting with colors has been seen earlier in iPhone 5c in 2013, with various hues of green and other colors, iPhone XR is also expected to go down the same path. The various colors used are basically a marketing strategy so that the buyers don’t get bored of the same old traditional colors of iPhone i.e. black, white and gold. According to a tweet by Mark Gurman, the new lavender and green hues are all pastel and would give a more rustic and muddy look to the phone.

Apart from this, Apple is also planning to launch a sequel of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with various updates and features. Though it is yet not confirmed that the sequel would be launched this year or not, we can still enjoy the new colors of the new iPhone XR.

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