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Apple is splurging a big amount for Billie Eilish documentary on TV+

Apple splurging a big amount for Billie Eilish documentary on tv plus Image

Apple loves Billie Eilish just as much as we do, and they just made it known. Not only Apple dubbed Billie Eilish as Artist of the year at the first Apple Music Awards, but they also bought the rights to stream a documentary following her life after the release of her full-length debut album, ‘When we fall asleep, Where do we go?’ for $25 million.

Directed by R.J Cutler and co-produced by Eilish’s own record label, Interscope films, the documentary follows Eilish on her journey, her lifestyle, and more. According to rumors, Cutlet has been given close access to the artists’ life. From private moments with her family to backstage scenes from her first big public appearance, it is said that the crew is following her since 2016 for the documentary.

Eilish’s debut album was released back in March and was the most-streamed album on both Spotify and Apple Music. There is much more to add to the Grammy nominee artist’s success. Eilish is the third most-streamed artist, and top streamed artist on Spotify for 2019.

This is not the first time that Apple is hosting a documentary about musicians. They previously hosted Taylor Swift’s The 1989 World Tour (live) and Ed Sheeran’s songwriter.

Apple has already streamed music documentaries on Apple Music. Some of them were Major Lazer’s 2016 concert, and another one was the making of Kesha’s Rainbow. So, Apple’s decision to stream Eilish’s documentary on Apple TV plus and not on Apple Music indicates towards the tech-giants intensions to shift the content to the platform and to draw in a larger crowd to the platform.

It sure looks like Apple is trying to match pace with its rival Netflix, as Netflix in the past has teamed with big stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga for documentaries. To make it happen, Apple has also removed the TV and movie categories from Apple Music.

Apple is coming up with different subscription plans to promote its platform. With the relocation of TV and movie categories, the company has come up with a student plan that offers a bundle of Apple TV plus with Apple music at just $4.99 per month. Apple is also on the move for another subscription deal which will come out by 2020. The deal will offer a bundle of Apple Music, Apple TV plus, and Apple News plus.

The launch and early days for the Apple TV were bittersweet all thanks to the contradictory reviews on the shows launched earlier. However, it seems like shows like ‘Truth to be told’ and M.Night Shyamalan’s ‘Servent’ will turn the game around with their outstanding reviews. Apple has also recently teamed up with other companies such as Amazon to make Apple TV plus available on Amazon Tv devices.

Apple has launched its Apple TV plus on Fire TV Cube (second generation) and Fire TV (third generation). Apart from Amazon, Apple TV plus is also available on selected smart TVs and several dongles, Fire TV Stick and Roku being two of them. Though users can access all the contents of Apple TV plus on Amazon Fire TV, Amazon gear fails to provide some features. Even though Fire supports Dolby Vision or Dolby Atoms, the TV app on Amazon Fire TV does not. Apple is trying its best to come above all in the streaming war, and it’s just a matter of time when the results will come out.

Image Source: MacRumors

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