Apple Clears Out iTunes Social Media Pages on Facebook and Instagram

Apple kills itunes pages image

It is more likely that iTunes Days are numbered. The Company Seems to remove the Social Media Presence by deleting all its Content on Different Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram. As per resources, Apple is Moving out Facebook and Instagram Pages for the program removing pictures, posts, videos. So far, the Facebook and Instagram of iTunes don’t have any Posts, Images, and Videos. It is not yet confirmed what Apple is planning to do with these empty pages.

Apple is planning to discontinue its support for iTunes App which has been in existence for over a decade. Though iTunes App has huge craze in the crowd, Change is inevitable to overcome the clunky features. Apple appears to migrate iTunes Accounts Over to Apple TV Page on Facebook and Instagram whereas Twitter Counterpart still has the content. In fact, all the Posts and Videos Present on the Instagram and Facebook Profile of iTunes drives users towards the newer Apple TV Page.

The Company not just migrated Content From the iTunes Page but also the creation date and 30 million likes. Management is yet to disclose the winding date of the App. It will address the happenings around iTunes App at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2019.  All the information related to any users buying iTunes and closing date etc. will be discussed later at WWDC.

Apple is making arrangements for New Services which support the digital media that iTunes App has earlier provided. Blank Pages is likely to undergo some changes in the bigger moves to come by the Company. According to Reports, Standalone Music, TV, Podcasts App will replace the iTunes App in the next major version of MacOS.

As per the news report, Apple will provide a dedicated App to Music, Podcasts, TV, Programs. New Generation Apple Devices will be out after 2019 overcoming all the clunky features earlier version has. Probably, Apple New Generation Devices will not Possess iTunes on its Systems.

Apple is finding a way to slim down iTunes as it has become a Bloated Application. The Point is how will Apple Users respond to this having multiple Apps instead of a single App. As we know Overall iTunes App is about to discontinue reports didn’t advise the iTunes Storefront to purchase TV Shows, music, movies. Phasing Out of iTunes Facebook and Instagram Pages Content is a Progressive Process and so the brand could be live for some time in the foreseeable future.

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