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Apple Launched a Better Gamepad and Keyboard Support in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS.

Apple has launched a better gamepad and keyboard support in its iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS

Up until now, Apple has mostly been famous for the UI and UX it provides to its customers. In the newest software updates in its iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS, Apple is looking to make updates and changes that will allow it to step into the gaming world. The iOS14 and iPadOS14 will support a huge variety of games, and the version designs will showcase better gaming support.

Some of the biggest and most prominent additions to these are the support provided by controller button remapping, haptics, motion, rumble, and lastly, the ability to use a mouse and keyboard system, even for iPad gaming.

Apple may also be looking to incorporate a few motion-sensing controllers like Sony’s motion-sensing Dualshock 4 controller. This time it will also support lightbars. A lightbar allows the developer to change the controllers’ color when the battery goes low, for example. iPadOS developers have been waiting forever to get the zone-based haptics ad rumble. This update will finally offer them that. Developers will be able to add in feedback features, thus allowing the user to be able to feel the recoil from gunshots, blasts, and such other features. The game developers will also have access to the touchpad surface of the Dualshock4. It will allow two-finger tracking as well as support for touchpad buttons. With all of these updates to its gaming console, Apple has allowed the developers to explore a large variety of gaming features that can make the gaming experience way better than it has ever been on an iPadOS.

Apple is finally set to add support for Xbox elite wireless controller to its iOS14, iPadOS14, and tvOS updates. It will supposedly support the four paddle buttons and even the button remapping feature. This new feature of button remapping by apple will be available globally for all kinds of controllers, and the setting can be readjusted on a per-app or game basis. All of these new features will enhance the gaming experience on an iPad. Still, Apple provides support for gaming using a keyboard and mouse instead of just having to play using the gamepad or the touchscreen.

As of now, even though the iPad does support using a keyboard for gameplay, the use of keys is very limited. You will not be able to use multiple keys at a time, thus the overall system lacking luster. Even the mouse support on current iPad games is very sloppy. It will require additional clicks, and the overall experience feels very unnatural. Thus Apple has allowed developers to make amends in this area as well. It will enhance the experience for those gamers who like first-person shooter games or even games that require more precision for input. Developers will even be able to disable the pointer system from their games, just so that the player will fully experience full-screen gameplay. Along with all this, the company is making some changes to its game center user interface. The new design includes a new transparent dashboard above the games that supports both landscape and portrait layouts.

Image source: TheVerge

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